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A touch of classic that accents finesse

These simple, classic handrails use timeless design with the touch and finish of solid brass and stainless steel to create elegance and distinction that cannot be felt with even the most modern styles. Manufactured from heavy-duty materials, these handrails offer strong and durable support for years to come.


  • Brass and Stainless-Steel tubing and components that add a luxurious feel.
  • Matching high-strength ornamental brackets and end caps for a complete installation.
  • Match it with your décor choosing from the polished or brushed satin finish.
  • No welding required– just use our high-strength Lido-weld adhesive for a strong, seamless fit.

Having a high-quality stair handrail can transform a space. It can take stairs from looking unfashionable and old to modern and attractive. Getting a premium stainless steel handrail kit is the perfect solution for any home, workplace or office. There are also different finishes and metals that you can get to make your space look perfect.

Quality stair handrail kits

With stair handrail kits, installing a new rail is easier than ever. The stair handrail kits are simple and you’ll easily be able to get something that not only matches but also enhances your space. Once you do, you’re going to be able to enjoy the timeless design that suits both modern and classic spaces.

Once the brass or stainless steel handrail kit is installed the benefits will be two-fold. Not only will you have a feature that will deliver safety and support but you’ll also have one which creates an added level of elegance to any room.

The kits contain everything that you need to get a completed handrail. They will be easily wall-mounted and while they don’t require any heavy-duty work to be able to get them in place. Someone competent in DIY or a local handyman would be able to easily put them up for you.

Handrail kits for steps, stairs, and walkways

Steps can be difficult to navigate for many people and having a wall-mounted handrail can be easier. Handrail kits for steps have a high level of durability to give you the confidence that you need to be able to travel around in freedom.

Of course, you can use handrail kits for steps for other reasons too. You might need them to be on a grand staircase or it could be that you need wall-mounted support on a flat walkway. The heavy-duty metal used will be able to last for a lifetime.

The great aspect of stair handrail kits is how easy they are to install. You’re not going to need any welding as Lido-weld adhesive will be able to give you an extremely secure fit which will not only be strong but also seamless.

It makes them a great option for anyone to has always been able to use the banister on one side of a staircase but not needs a wall-mounted support on the other side. These handrail kits can be used in a wide variety of different circumstances.

A steel handrail kit to suit you

When it comes to a choice of metals, you’re going to be able to get either a brass or stainless steel handrail kit. Whichever one you choose, you know that you’ll be getting a high-quality metal which is going to look great and stand the test of time.

This is even the case if they are being kept outside. The rust-resistant material will be able to keep any walkway or steps looking great for as long as they are installed. They dynamic stair handrail kits are versatile for any space with needs to support that they give to anyone who needs them.

Whether you get a brass or stainless steel handrail kit, you’re going to be able to complete the look of the space with stylish brackets and end caps of your choice. The high-polished metal will then complete their practical and aesthetic use.

With a steel handrail kit, you’re going to be able to get it in a finish of your choice, either having a high polish or a brushed satin finish. Both of them look great and the steel handrail kit you will get often depends on the style of the existing space.

A great selection of stair handrail kits

Thankfully getting handrail kits for steps or stairs is easy to go. With the wall-mounted fixture is easy to install and there are plenty of options for you to enjoy. Not only will they improve the style and design of any setting, but they will also increase the level of safety too.

All that’s left to do is choose the best one for you and enjoy all the benefits of a secure and durable handrail. Once you do, you will have that easy installation with no welding required and brilliant accessories to finish off the look.