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Brass and Stainless Steel Dancing Poles | BuyRailings

Dancing Pole

Explore your body’s limits, this pole can be your new backbone.

Take your fitness regime to the next level or use it just for fun. Our dancing pole assembly kits include all the components you need for an absolutely sturdy and reliable installation. And using this is highly satisfying – a totally smooth polished finish that provides the optimum grip. Perfect for installing in clubs as a dance pole, an exercise pole in gyms, as a firepole (or fireman's pole) in fire stations or even a sliding pole in your kid’s bedroom. This installation will withstand the rigor of its usage for years to come.


  • Permanent stationary dance pole assembly kit with heavy-duty mounting flanges & canopy.
  • Premium tubing in high-grade finishes– polished brass, stainless-steel or brushed satin steel.
  • Industrial strength iron flanges and matching threaded steel inserts reinforce the tubing ends.
  • Tubing can be custom-cut to match the exact length requirement of floor-to-ceiling height.
  • Provide a robust, safe & dependable installation for your project– zero-maintenance & lasting.