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Swivel Fittings

Swivel Tee
Starting From: $26.59
Swivel Elbow
Starting From: $53.38
Single Swivel Socket
Starting From: $28.20
Double Swivel Socket
Starting From: $53.98
Corner Swivel Socket
Starting From: $56.98
Swivel Flange
Starting From: $34.03
Nu-Rail Swivel
Starting From: $21.02
Nu-Rail Adj. Swivel
Starting From: $30.01
Post Return Swivel
Starting From: $58.38
Adjustable Elbow
Starting From: $36.48

An edge of versatility makes all the difference

Any railing construction often runs into awkward applications where the required angles cannot be accommodated by adjustable angle fittings. Our versatile swivel fittings provide a superb solution for these situations, extending the versatility of clamp fitting railings into countless possibilities. The complete combination swivel fitting, variable through 170 degrees. The assembly is held together by rivets, although items can be supplied separately as male and female units. These swivel fittings will redefine what you never thought possible with your railing structures.


  • Multi-config combination clamped socket swivel fittings with angles variable through 170°.
  • Heavy-duty construction for robust, structural reliability and maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Variety of combination designs cover every possible configuration that your setup demands.
  • Clamp fittings make installation a breeze. Just a hexagonal key ensures easy yet sturdy fit-up.
  • Ensure whole structures are not made from swivel fittings alone to provide sufficient stability.