Beautiful, modern, sleek, yet practical single line posts.

This free-standing design allows for great flexibility in positioning and easily installing your railing wherever you need it. Choose mounting hardware that suits the project and you’re ready. These posts work great for creating segregations in hallways, around exhibits in museums or as queue barriers in airports, theatres, and other public spaces. With solid construction, stylish finishes and sleek aesthetics, our single line flush posts will grace looks and enhance the functionality of your indoor and semi-outdoor spaces beautifully.


  • Easy to install, prefabricated single line flush posts with intermediate & end configurations.
  • High-strength factory pre-welded posts, with a variety of mounting solutions to suit installation.
  • Superb finishes– solid brass, polished chrome & satin steel make for sleek looks that blend in.
  • Matching tube railings with splices and flush fittings to extend your rail length and directions.
  • Achieve robust, long-lasting joints with the long sleeve feature and Lido weld cement adhesive.