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Prefabricated Aluminum Posts

Aluminum – solid, light-weight, stunning, durable. And your next railing.

Aluminum railings are an unbeatable combination of strength, light weight and durability. Our fully pre-welded aluminum posts are an industry first in railings, where no welding is required! All you need to put the joints together is our high strength Lido adhesive, which delivers a solid, rattle-free railing of superior strength and security. The brushed satin finish ensures a virtually maintenance-free system, ideal for a variety of environments. The ramp railing posts are the quickest and most effective railings you could install on any ramp.


  • Double line pre-fabricated aluminum welded posts in floor-mounted/ramp-mounted options.
  • Light and convenient. Weighs way lesser than stainless-steel or brass railings of the same size.
  • Weather resistant brushed satin anodized finish giving an aesthetic feel close to that of steel.
  • Needs no welding. Our high-strength Lido-weld cement produces equally strong seamless fit.
  • Try aluminum! You will get durable performance for a lifetime, and 100% recyclable beyond.