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Miniature form in the same classical style.

The low line ball posts railing system completes our range of the classically styled ball post railing system. Whenever you need a short railing installed on top of a parapet wall inside your site, a foot-high railing around permanent structures or exhibits, or a border at the edges of a table or counter or bunk bed or even on boats– this railing ingeniously satisfies a niche that most railings have failed to provide. You can use these low line railings creatively and come up with any new functionality. Or simply dress up or add a finishing touch to a space that might otherwise have had a solid wall or no barrier at all. No matter where they are used, these short railings will enthrall onlookers with their graceful and lasting elegance.


  • Short-height factory welded architectural ball post counterparts for a beautiful low line railing.
  • Strength, durability and simple installation in the same form and high-quality fabrication.
  • Premium materials with fine finishes– polished brass and polished or satin 304 stainless steel.
  • Available in 6" & 12" heights and a variety of diameter and post configurations. Mounting hardware sold separately, so you can choose the mounting option best suited to your project.