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Vinyl Railing Systems

Constructing a railing system using vinyl is a wise and economical choice for many projects. Vinyl has a multitude of benefits: it’s lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and it’s also attractive to the eye. Another added benefit is the ease of installation using vinyl railing systems.

Our vinyl railings come in easy to install vinyl railing kits, and our selection of kits is wide-ranging. No matter what size you need, you’ll find our selection of vinyl railing kits will leave you satisfied.

One of the main benefits of vinyl is that it is UV resistant and weather resistant, which renders it maintenance free and helps to maintain a long lifespan without much upkeep. The resistance to UV rays and the outside elements means that vinyl railings are also fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The strength of the vinyl is also significant, and superior to wood. When you combine these factors with the ease of installation, vinyl becomes an easy choice for your next project.

Our kits come with everything you’ll need for the quick and easy installation. The kit includes the mounting brackets, balusters, and rails.

We also offer rails that feature a reinforced aluminum core, which will meet and exceed existing building codes.

The look & feel of wood. The engineering and performance of vinyl.

Our PVC Railing systems provide the meticulous aesthetic of wooden railings, made way more superior and durable using high-quality materials put through an advanced extrusion manufacturing process. The result is a railing system that is robust, economical and low maintenance with an unbelievably exquisite finish. Unlike wood, PVC won’t fade, crack, splinter or peel. Form and function make these railings a safe and dependable choice for your deck and porch, adding an elegant character that complements your classic architecture.


  • Heavy-duty reinforced vinyl with UV and weather-resistant, low maintenance surface finish.
  • Manufactured with excellent strength and resilience by multilayered extrusion technology.
  • Fast & flexible installation with handrail kits including rails, balusters, and mounting brackets.
  • Accessory brackets allow installation on a level and angled surface and include snap-on covers.
  • Rails with reinforced aluminum core provide the safety that meets & exceeds building codes.

PVC Railing Systems

When it comes to performance, a PVC railing may be the perfect solution to your next project. PVC can mimic the look and feel of wood, at a fraction of the cost. The best part is, there is no ongoing maintenance using PVC railing systems as there would be using a wood railing. Install it once, and never worry about it again.

It’s also worth noting that the strength of the latest PVC railing technology has created a material that is so strong, these railings won’t ever warp, or mold-like wood, or composite railing systems are prone to. Within minutes you can set up your new railing system and know that it will be protected and in place for the long haul.

We offer two different types of finishes: aluminum mill finish, and plastic finish. We also offer a New England trim design in addition to our standard design. All posts are fluted. As for our pickets, we offer either a 1.5-inch Colonial picket, or a 1.75-inch fluted picket.

The height of railings we have an available range up to 10 feet, and can be as short as 36 inches. As for length, we offer four feet, six feet, eight feet, and ten-foot lengths. All of our PVC railing systems come in white.

Whether you need an entire kit for putting together a railing system from scratch, or you just need individual parts to round out your project, everything you need is here. Maybe you are just getting started on your project and aren’t sure what exactly you need yet. We would be happy to help you out and be your guide for this new project.

Please reach out to us, we’d love to talk to you about your project. Our railing experts are available to take your questions and guide your next purchase. No matter how big or small your project is, we are here to help you start it, and see it through to the finish line.

Please peruse our selection of PVC railing systems and we’re sure you’ll find what you need. If you need any assistance, or can’t find the size you need, please feel free to reach out to us. You can call the number below, or chat with us online. We would be happy to help you get all the tools you need to complete your project.