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modern wood handrail

Wood Railing & Wood Handrail Parts

1.77" (45mm) Round Wood and Fittings

Flush Tee for Wood
Starting From: $55.99
Wall Flange for Wood
Starting From: $34.92
Round End Cap for Wood
Starting From: $15.27
Splice for Wood
Starting From: $25.17
Drill Gauge for Wood
Starting From: $14.74
Threaded Insert
Starting From: $3.00

1-1/2" (38.1mm) Round Wood and Fittings

Standard Handrail Bracket
Starting From: $17.00
Handrail Bracket
Starting From: $46.20
Flush End Post
Starting From: $12.30
Flush Center Post
Starting From: $12.30

Rectangular Wood and Fittings

Flat Rail Bracket
Starting From: $20.89
Handrail Bracket
Starting From: $14.29

Because nothing beats the touch of wood.

Even the most modern materials fail to emulate the immaculate natural texture of a wooden railing. We offer a touch of wood that flawlessly blends with any modern railing system. Our wood line handrails are made from the finest, enduring, solid oak, beech and wenge, finished to rounded perfection. Using beautifully matched flush fittings and accessories, you can install these railings as freestanding handrails, with seamlessly matching brackets. And they will excellently pair as handrails atop any of our architectural or commercial railing systems, creating an astounding combination of style with a gentle wooden touch.


  • Manufactured from resilient and premium grade seamless solid round wood with no jointing.
  • In finished beech wood and unfinished beech or oak wood– free of knots and ready for stain.
  • A modern pick: The pre-finished hardwood wenge is naturally dark brown with black streaks.
  • Easily use with standard handrail brackets as a standalone mount or atop any railing system.
  • Durable rails paired with flush fittings, splices and end caps make for a long-lasting installation.