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Stainless Steel and Corrosive Environments
Posted On 23rd March 2021
Stainless steel belongs to the iron-based alloy family. On average, it contains 12 percent chromium, which is the chemical element that produces an anti-corrosive, invisible thin layer of oxide, better known as the passive layer, and is the protective property.A corrosion-resistant layer naturally forms when chromium reacts with sufficient oxygen (via air and water). If this protective layer is damaged or removed during fabrication or polishing, it will self-repair immediately as long as the sur ...
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When is a Handrail Required for Stairs
Posted On 23rd February 2021
Let's say that you are in a house or building and need to tackle a set of steps. You instinctively go for a handrail since it helps to maintain balance, making it a crucial safety component of the stair system.And while handrails are a helpful addition to any stair system, you might be wondering if the regulations always require them.In this article, we'll discuss all details on codes and laws related to railing systems. The major question will be, "when is a handrail required for stairs?"Here i ...
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How To Measure Pipe Size
Posted On 26th January 2021
When you are working with pipes, knowing how to measure pipe size and getting the correct pipe sizes to suit your project is essential.If you do not know how to measure pipe diameter and find yourself with the wrong metal or PVC pipe sizes and pipe fittings, your entire project might be impossible to complete.This guide will cover all you need to know about pipe dimensions, explaining some of the commonly used terms in the piping world like nominal pipe size and schedule pipe sizes, and providin ...
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What is the Difference Between Pipe and Tube
Posted On 7th January 2021
Many people are unsure of the difference when it comes to pipe vs tube.A lot of people even make the mistake of assuming that there is no real difference between pipe and tube and that they're both the same thing.Many people also ask questions like “What is the difference between pipe, tube, and hose?” and so on.The truth of the matter is that even though terms like pipe and tube can often be used interchangeably, there is a real difference to take into account.This difference appears in aspects ...
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Placement of Grab Bars Around Toilet
Posted On 14th December 2020
Installing a grab bar in your accessible bathroom is a critical upgrade that can offer a big improvement in safety for elderly and disabled guests.Once you have decided to install a safety bar, you may have the same question as most people: where should toilet grab bars be placed?Luckily, the ADA toilet grab bar requirements are relatively easy to understand and follow.The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. It is ...
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Creative Deck Stair Lighting Ideas
Posted On 11th December 2020
Stair lighting can provide safety and beauty to outdoor or indoor areas.Outdoor handrail lights make evenings on your patio a safer experience, while illuminated stair handrails can save you from having to fumble around for a light switch in the middle of the night.In this article, we will provide you with under rail deck lighting ideas, as well as how to hang outdoor string lights on a deck railing.After consulting our deck railing lighting ideas, you should have a much better plan for how you ...
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What is a Bar Foot Rail
Posted On 3rd December 2020
Bars can vary in terms of theme, style, layout, and menu, but authentic bars always have one key aspect in common: a bar foot rail or foot rest. Whether you are visiting a commercial bar or setting up basement bars with your friends, this is one of the most important aspects of any bar design.But what is a bar rail? Well, bar rails or foot rails are long rails, located along the base of the exterior of the bar counter itself. They allow people to rest their feet on them while standing at the bar ...
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Shower Grab Bar Installation Guide
Posted On 13th November 2020
Adding additional safety and accessibility to your commercial shower facilities is never a bad idea. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability.By providing your customers with the proper assistance, you can be in compliance with ADA requirements that allow for anyone to use your facilities.The importance of shower rails for elderly people can not be understated, including in both residential and commercial applicatio ...
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Wire Mesh Panels: Everything you need to Know
Posted On 9th November 2020
Wire mesh infill panels are a great addition to railing systems, adding a decorative appearance while providing a level of safety.Heavy-duty steel mesh provides a sturdy barrier for both people and animals, with the material often being used in zoos, farms, and other animal applications.Engineers and architects often choose heavy-duty wire mesh panels in large projects because of the material’s visibility and durability.Most manufacturers, including, allow customers to supply the ...
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Shower Curtain Rod FAQ
Posted On 9th November 2020
Are you thinking about buying a shower curtain rod? Before completing the purchase, you might want to know more about these products.Check out our FAQ to discover answers to the most common questions asked by users!How to Hang a Shower Curtain RodIf you are choosing a shower curtain rod, you can pick between one of these categories:Tension rodsFixed rodsTension rods are convenient because you don’t use any hardware in the process. That makes it a good choice for renters and those who want a quic ...
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