Railings that frame the ultimate bar experience.

Railings play a prominent part in every bar experience. The service rails from where the waiters ply back and forth. The foot rail that every foot seeks and rests on, finding familiar comfort that accents the patron’s poise. Gleaming stemware racks and rods from which inverted glasses hang. Handrails and stanchions that line the walls and borders. The classic haze of bronze or the chic glint of polished chrome. Whether a bar, pub, club or kitchen, our bar rails will help you frame that picture-perfect bar experience that your classic drinking establishment provides your esteemed clients with.


  • All foot rail components & accessories to suit your design or easy all-you-need DIY footrail kits.
  • Service rails that go beyond their functionality to provide a classic presence to your bar area.
  • Sturdy, reliable glass and stemware racks that look stunning and accent the exquisite glasses.
  • If you are looking for a custom configuration, have a chat with our experts, who will provide you with all the information and put together an inventory to suit your specific requirements.