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LED Lights and Connectors

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Tube and Fittings for LED Lights



Give your handrails a fresh look and magical glow with high quality LED handrail lighting.

Using high-quality materials and easy to install components, we can provide all you need to get started with outdoor deck lighting, as well as indoor stair railing lights for general home improvement.

An Introduction to LED Rail Light

LED handrail and deck lighting options are designed to give your rails, both indoors and outdoors, a modern look and lively glow.

They can be positioned all around rails and decks, often used as under rail deck lighting or LED under rail deck lighting to provide illumination along staircases and around outdoor spaces when night falls.

Well suited for a wide range of applications, from installation around an outdoor deck to a residential illuminated handrail, our LED deck lights can be used as accent lighting to enhance the outdoor experience in residential and commercial locations, inspiring countless lighting designs and deck lighting ideas for you to try out.

The Best Deck Rail Lighting

With our under deck railing lights, stair rail lighting, and banister lights products, you can enjoy the unparalleled beauty of stainless steel railings, combined with the sophistication and style of ultramodern LED technology to enjoy an unprecedented atmosphere in both indoor and outdoor settings.

High grade LED deck rail lighting and railing lights blend substance and style, being both functional and fabulous simultaneously.

The blazing spotlights and LED lighting solutions can help to illuminate your spaces sensibly and safely, while also enhancing their visual appeal, highlighting and accentuating the sleek edges and gentle curves of deck stairs and outdoor spaces.

All our handrail lighting and outside deck lights have been designed with simplicity in mind. Each set of outdoor LED deck lights or deck railing string lights is very easy to install, ready to be set up and switched on quickly and conveniently. Each outdoor handrail lighting product is built to last.

Key Features and Benefits of Outdoor Railing Lights

Whether you are opting for string lights on the deck railing, small decking lights, or another form of handrail lighting to suit your needs, you will be able to benefit from the following key features for all your landscape lighting and deck stair lights projects:

  • Fully concealed, internally wired LED strips, covers, components, and fixtures, ready to assemble, easily combined with glass balustrade or wall mounted railings for highly contemporary looks.
  • The revolutionary LED Light Strip cable is completely waterproof, ready to resist the rain and changing weather conditions for outdoor string lights and exterior deck lighting. The cable is also immensely flexible for easy installing string light, as well as offering an ultra-bright glow.
  • Our LED lights and connectors are highly versatile and flexible, able to cut, bent, folded and installed in a wide range of situations, positions, and angles, ideal for landscape deck lights projects of all kinds.
  • Every component, from the post cap to the power source and even the extension cords, has been designed with durability in mind, ready to serve you well for years to come and stand up strongly to a myriad of conditions.
  • Brightness levels of these light fixtures are fully adjustable to be used in a range of settings, from dark interior environments to outdoor settings that also benefit from the surrounding glow of artificial and natural lighting.
  • LED deck lighting offers high intensity along with low power consumption, being kinder to the environment and reducing energy bills in the process, so making the most of our string lights for deck railing can help to save cash in the long-term.
  • All our LED deck light covers and products offer a high service life, sure to last for a long time and be relied upon for repeated use. Once installed, you won't need to worry about maintaining or replacing these outdoor deck railing lights.
  • LED lighting products from BuyRailings are available at the fairest prices, while also offering the highest quality. You will get the best value for money on every purchase you make, never paying over the odds for LED handrail and deck lighting.
  • Whether you plan to use them for lighting up the stairs at a train station, illuminating a bridge or public stairway, enhancing the mood or atmosphere in a public gathering spot like a theater or hotel, or even for use in residential developments, these lights get the job done.
  • We also offer a wide range of tubes and fittings of various types, sizes, shapes, and angles to help you position your LED channels and tubes correctly and keep them protected along with decks and rails.
  • These LED lights are perfectly safe too, being cool to the touch, making them ideal for installation in areas where young children or vulnerable people may be present. They pose no accident or health risk to users, helping to brighten up spaces safely and without risks.

Choose the Best LED Handrail Lights

Choose BuyRailing to enjoy high quality LED railing lights, connectors, tubes, and fittings.

From LED splices and decorative tube covers to solar-powered LED accent lights, strip end caps, power supplies, and channel tubes, we can provide all you need to make durable, attractive, exciting light displays and decorative lighting features around decks and rails.

All our products offer the same high standards of durability, brightness, visual appeal, ease of installation, value for money, and are made from the finest quality materials and prepared to the best levels for maximum user satisfaction. Whether you are planning a lighting fixture for a hotel, station, public pathway, or residential staircase, these lights and components can meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.