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Vertical Cable Railing SystemsA vertical cable railing can redefine any room or outdoor space. A vertical deck railing especially can add a sense of sophistication to an outdoor space because it’s harder to add design elements in an open outdoor area. And the best part is, with a vertical cable railing kit, setup is easy to install, and the end result will make you want to do your rail installation all over again in a new area.

When used inside your home, your house will appear more spacious with cable railings due to the unhindered view it provides. Our cable railing posts are forged from high-grade stainless steel, meaning they will not break, and they also will not rust. If you want to change the charm of any space instantly, you can achieve the look you desire with a vertical wire railing system.

If you’re unfamiliar, a vertical rail system connects your top and bottom rails together with evenly spaced vertical cables. This creates a taught and attractive look that provides open views while providing the safety of standard railings.

One of the biggest modern trends today is minimalism, and sometimes it can be hard to be minimalistic with your designs. That’s where vertical cable railing systems shine the brightest. Adding a vertical stainless steel wire railing to space has become one of the hottest styles in modern design.

A vertical railing can sometimes be more attractive to the eye than a horizontal railing due to the stylishness of the pinstripe look it provides. If you need confirmation, or need some inspiration, just look up pictures online. You will instantly notice the modern elegance and simplistic beauty that can add a lasting impression to any space.

Features of our Vertical Cable Railing Systems

  • A modern in-line system with minimal visual impact – durable, economical and code-compliant.
  • 316 SS cables with galvanized steel black sand powder coated universal posts, brackets & caps.
  • Preassembled, pre-tensioned cable panels eliminate issues facing typical cable rail installation.
  • Powder-coated utilizing an advanced automotive coating process to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Pairs with wood or vinyl composite posts for a perfect DIY solution to remodel your deck.

A Vertical Realignment to Transform your Reimagined Deck

A railing system that blends the classic railing form with modern design elements into a re-imagined concept is an emerging trend on railings all over. A vertical wire deck railing offers the best of both worlds – clean sleek lines in a baluster style with a modernized-classic aesthetic that provides uninterrupted views.

A vertical cable railing for decks is easy-to-install DIY, it’s also weather-resistant, low maintenance, and affordable. With a vertical stainless steel cable railing kit, you can transform your deck into a more elegant space with ease, and then sit back and enjoy.

Cable railings are undoubtedly a perfect addition to any outdoor deck space, but they’re also a premier way to liven up indoor space. In a corporate setting, vertical cable railings add a sense of sophistication when visitors come into the building. Or, in a car dealership, cable railings can add a touch of elegance to the showroom.

Vertical Cable Stair Railing

One of the best ways to highlight your space is to add a vertical cable stair railing. Instead of a static uniformity, on stairs, cable railings catch the attention of your eyes as the rails cascade up and down the stairwell.

Our vertical handrail panel is available in two different sizes: 34 inches tall – 8 feet long, and 40 inches tall – 8 feet long.

Vertical Cable Railing Panels

At, we have a variety of vertical cable railing systems to fit whatever your project requires. Our premier product is a vertical wire railing finished in a galvanized steel black sand powder coat. These insta rail vertical cable railing system panels are offered in the following sizes:

  • 36 inches tall, 6 feet long.
  • 36 inches tall, 8 feet long.
  • 42 inches tall, 6 feet long.
  • 42 inches tall, 8 feet long.

Vertical Cable Railing Kit

If you’d rather not buy a premade insta rail, we have a variety of kits to fit your needs. We offer cable kits for metal, cable kits for existing wood, and cable kits for composites.

In addition, we have cable fittings for both swaging, and non-swaging requirements, and offer the equipment and accessories you may need to put your kits together. Here’s what our selection of kits looks like:

Cable Kits for Existing Metal

Cable Kits for Existing Wood

Cable Kits for Existing Composites

Cable Kit Accessories

Of the accessories we offer, the pre-tensioners may be the most useful parts that you may not already have in your tool bag.

Both pre-tensioner pliers, and a cable pre-tensioner can help to ensure that your rail installation is picture-perfect. While these items aren’t necessary to pull off a job you can be proud of, they’re available for the perfectionists out there that want to ensure the ideal tension on their cables.

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