Posts that adorn with classic, yet simple elegance.

A sturdy, freestanding railing installation should be exclusively designed and fabricated – assembled from sturdy, high-quality materials and matching fittings designed to add strength. These robust prefabricated single line ball posts will add classic elegance and evoke a regal aesthetic in any surrounding. Your single line railing installation will last for years, with the same gleam as around the time it was installed.


  • Fully factory welded architectural ball posts for free-standing single line railing installation.
  • Designed and prefabricated posts provide great strength and make for quick, easy installation.
  • Premium materials with fine finishes – polished brass and polished or satin 304 stainless steel.
  • Available in a variety of diameter, height and post configurations. Mounting hardware sold separately, so you can choose the mounting option best suited to your project.