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Square Line

Square Line Flush Tee
Starting From: $36.85
Square Line Connector
Starting From: $25.30
Square Line End Cap
Starting From: $10.45
Square Line Base Cover
Starting From: $27.28
Square Line Wall Flange
Starting From: $36.96
Glass Spider
Starting From: $122.87
Single Glass Spider
Starting From: $98.18
Flat Back Glass Clamp
Starting From: $30.03
Glass Spider Double
Starting From: $46.20
Glass Spider Single
Starting From: $28.00
Flat Glass Standoff
Starting From: $18.50
Square Post Saddle
Starting From: $23.00
Square Post Saddle
Starting From: $24.20

Round combined with square? Design your own unique design and turn it into a reality with Square line® a corner solution for all components. Do you also want to use round components? That is not a problem, because Square line® is great for combining with other systems.

Thinking outside the box? Just there lies the beautiful square form.

Q-railing presents a new and exclusive design concept– sharp lines and corners defined by a simple, clean square form, that creates sophisticated modern appearance never before explored. The modularity of this baluster railing system allows a combination of square form and round form or other shapes of any Q-line baluster system. Installation is straightforward. No welding required – just drill, glue and tap. That’s how clever design and functionality go hand in hand. Set your creativity free. We have all the components you need to get started. 


  • Square line railing systems based on 40 x 40 mm tube (1.57" x 1.57") with top & fascia mounting.
  • Made from 304/316 matte stainless steel. Manufactured to fit neatly with very low tolerances.
  • Various bars or glass infill designs suited for indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential use.
  • Use our high strength stainless steel adhesive and activator for a quick, long-lasting fitting.
Estimated fabrication and installation time of just 2 – 3 hours per meter (3.3 linear feet).

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