1.57" SQUARE

1-1/2" SQUARE


1.57", 1-1/2", AND 2" SQUARE - MIXED USE



Square Line Projects Gallery

Round combined with a square? Design your own unique design and turn it into a reality with Square line® a corner solution for all components. Do you also want to use round components? That is not a problem, because Square line® is great for combining with other systems.

Thinking outside the box? Just there lies the beautiful square form.

Q-railing presents a new and exclusive design concept – sharp lines and corners defined by a simple, clean square form, that creates sophisticated modern appearance never before explored. The modularity of this baluster railing system allows a combination of square form and round form or other shapes of any Q-line baluster system. Installation is straightforward. No welding required in the majority of cases – just drill, glue and tap. Cases, where welding is required, will be indicated in the product description. That’s how clever design and functionality go hand in hand. Set your creativity free. We have all the components you need to get started.


  • Square line railing systems based on 40 x 40 mm tube (1.57" x 1.57") with top & fascia mounting.
  • Made from 304/316 matte stainless steel. Manufactured to fit neatly with very low tolerances.
  • Various bars or glass infill designs suited for indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential use.
  • Use our high strength stainless steel adhesive and activator for a quick, long-lasting fitting.

Estimated fabrication and installation time of just 2 – 3 hours per meter (3.3 linear feet).

Think square! Square Tube Steel Railings

The square tube steel railings systems from Square Line â are the perfect choice when you want a clean, integrated look for your handrail or banister.

Manufactured from 304/316 matte stainless steel, our unique collection of square handrail brackets, tubing, end caps and more is sure to convince you that “square” is the new contemporary. After all, it’s no coincidence that some of the world’s most stylish public and private spaces are adorned with Q-railing balustrades, handrails, and balusters.

This advanced line of premium railing components is meticulously engineered to provide:

  • Straightforward, time-saving assembly
  • Outstanding safety assurance, and
  • High-quality, innovative design

In fact, Square Line â systems are so attractively flexible, you can easily combine round components with a square for a steel railing system that’s all about you. From airports and commercial offices, to residential stairways and balconies, we have the square handrails and glass infill designs that were built to look great - both indoors and out.

Square Tube Railing

There’s a lot more to square tube steel railings than just showing off the beauty of angles and lines. Square Line â saddles, glass spiders, square handrail brackets and other essential fittings have been designed to work seamlessly together to deliver:

  • A host of convenient mounting options,
  • Superior fit and strength, and
  • Exclusive drill, glue, and tap fabrication

Whether your square tube railing project calls for safety barriers on a shopping mall atrium, or a square handrail system that highlights the steps of that new private home, our assortment of Square Line â products offers everything you need to get going.

No welding knowledge? No problem! The distinguished, intelligent railing construction system you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Our square handrail, wall rail, and glass deck rail modules are guaranteed to transform any space with the help of stainless steel adhesives and activators. What could be easier?

With Square Line â , you get:

  • Proven functionality? Check.
  • Mix and match options based on round or square forms? Yes! Creative potential is built into all our components.
  • Everything you need to make your project a breeze? Absolutely. We carry a full range of railing hardware - from crossbar holders and clamps, to square handrail brackets, base plates, and covers.

So, if you’re looking for a class of railing that checks all the square boxes, you don’t need to look further than Square Line â.