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Self Closing Gate, Self Closing Safety Gate - Industrial Gates

Self Closing Safety Gate

Gates that guard themselves, keeping everyone safe.

Our range of solid, industrial self-closing safety gates feature a robust spring-loaded mechanism that is built to withstand heavy-duty use and provide permanent hazard protection. They are well suited for both internal and external locations where regular access for maintenance & inspection is required, such as elevated platforms, mezzanines, ships ladder, around machinery or equipment, and anywhere there is an opening in the railing system, which is accessed by ladders or stairway. These gates are economical, reliable, easy to install and meet OSHA and ANSI standards. Specifically designed as a "retro-fit" solution to incorporate into existing fixed structures, these gates provide an effective solution for passive fall protection around any access.


  • Industrial heavy-duty self-closing safety gates, spring-loaded automatic, reliable self-closure.
  • Tough and durable for years of dependable use in both internal and external applications.
  • Heavy-duty steel in corrosion-resistant powder-coat safety yellow or hot-dip galvanized finish.
  • Gates come fully assembled and include securing hardware for standard installation on pipes.
  • Cycle tested, compliant with OSHA, ANSI and building codes, Easily installed with hand tools.

Safety games can be a vital feature of many construction and maintenance areas, where easy access is required but also where safety is paramount. These will often be seen on elevated platforms, mezzanines, ladders and stairways, or near machinery and equipment.

Many accidents have been caused by people either having to try and open a locked gate with a hand full of tools or falling through a gap in the railings that is required for ladders and stairs. It’s a problem that can be easily solved with a great self closing safety gate.

The important features of a self closing gate

With a self closing gate, there are a few important features that it needs to have in order to give you the security that you need. They need to be made to a heavy-duty industrial standard to not only ensure that they are fully effective but also they last for a long time.

With a self closing gate, it also has to shut automatically every time and therefore you want to have that reliability and confidence that it is always going to give you the safety that you need. A self closing gate will give you a lot more security than many other manual industrial gates.

Why it’s important to have a ladder safety gate

When you get to the top of a ladder, you don’t want to have to worry about trying to unlock a manual ladder safety gate and also, when you’ve got off the ladder, you also don’t want a gap in the railings behind you that anyone could fall through.

That makes a self closing safety gate a perfect solution as you will be able to simply walk though it on the ladder side and once you have, the ladder safety gate will close behind you and give you a safe space to work and do what you need to do.

Industrial safety gates

In order to meet the industrial standards set out by the OSHA and ANSI, a self closing safety gate needs to be made out of the highest quality materials and be highly reliable. That is exactly what you get with heavy-duty steal that has been either powder-coated or galvanized in order to prevent any corrosion.

Easy installation is always important and that is helped by industrial gates that come fully assembled and have everything you need included. That means that you can retro-fit it onto any existing structure and be able to have the protection that you’re looking for straight away.

Don’t take chances

It’s always vital in any building or structure that you don’t take any chances when it comes to safety and a self closing safety gate is able to do that in two respect as it will ensure that you don’t have any gaps in the railing that could potentially be a safety hazard.

It also means that you have a solution where errors can’t be made with keeping the industrial gates open. The design means that you don’t have to worry about locking systems but you also don’t have to worry about the gate ever staying open.