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Self Closing Safety Gate

Gates that guard themselves, keeping everyone safe.

Our range of solid, industrial self-closing safety gates feature a robust spring-loaded mechanism that is built to withstand heavy-duty use and provide permanent hazard protection. They are well suited for both internal and external locations where regular access for maintenance & inspection is required, such as elevated platforms, mezzanines, ships ladder, around machinery or equipment, and anywhere there is an opening in the railing system, which is accessed by ladders or stairway. These gates are economical, reliable, easy to install and meet OSHA and ANSI standards. Specifically designed as a "retro-fit" solution to incorporate into existing fixed structures, these gates provide an effective solution for passive fall protection around any access.


  • Industrial heavy-duty self-closing safety gates, spring-loaded automatic, reliable self-closure.
  • Tough and durable for years of dependable use in both internal and external applications.
  • Heavy-duty steel in corrosion-resistant powder-coat safety yellow or hot-dip galvanized finish.
  • Gates come fully assembled and include securing hardware for standard installation on pipes.
  • Cycle tested, compliant with OSHA, ANSI and building codes, Easily installed with hand tools.