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Perpendicular congruity. Reliable continuity.

Extend new railings in a new direction without the need for dismantling your existing railing. Our variety of crossover fittings are designed to give you a number of creating a new set of railing structures in perpendicular planes. Combined with our other clamp fittings, these crossovers will help you create a world of possibilities with railings – at 90 degrees. We’ll name a few here: handrails, fences, security fencing, playground equipment, railway guard railings, garment racking, market stalls, stadium safety railing, shopping trolley bays, sports practice nets, machinery guard railings & enclosures, road signs, safety guardrails, retail displays and shop fittings, racking, greenhouses, exhibition stands & displays, domestic furniture, wheelchair access ramps, carports, solar panel supports, roof guard rails, film sets, camera and equipment rigs and mezzanine floors.


  • Crossover clamp fittings designed to provide a 2 & 3-way 90° joints in various configurations.
  • Heavy-duty construction with clean modern looks allows use in many structural applications.
  • Safe, easy solution to construct tubular structures when combined with other clamp fittings.
  • Our listings address all possible configurations – offset, corner, clamp-on, split & combination.
  • allows for quick connection of the fitting to pipes.