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KK121 Corner Crossover

This fitting is designed to provide a 90 degree offset corner joint. When calculating the cutting lengths for pipe, dimension 'G' should be subtracted to give the pipe length for the rails and dimension 'H' should be added to give the pipe length for the upright. To obtain the true height of the upright the allowance for the base fittings must be included.
Part Weight A D E F G H
121-7 2.02 lbs. 7 2.17 in. 2.83 in. 1.93 in. 0.87 in. 1.1 in.

Pipe Size
Unit Measure

Galvanized Steel
1-1/4" IPS
Ships within 24-48 hours
Local pickup available
Corner Crossover Galvanized Steel 1-1/4" IPS (1.72" ID)