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ᑕ❶ᑐ Aluminum and Stainless Steel Brackets - Industrial Railings


Offset (4") Wall Bracket
Starting From: $34.02
Offset (5") Wall Bracket
Starting From: $25.37
Adj. Offset Wall Bracket
Starting From: $30.42
Single Tab Bracket Oval Slot
Starting From: $16.79
Platform Bracket
Starting From: $27.98
Offset Support Bracket
Starting From: $24.83
Handrail Bracket
Starting From: $24.08
Extruded Handrail Bracket
Starting From: $12.56
Solar Side Mount
Starting From: $23.69
50T - 2 Tabs with slots
Starting From: $34.61
Signage Clamp
Starting From: $13.04

Brackets that will give your handrail a really lengthy age bracket.

Our commercial handrail bracket collection is one of the most extensive – From a broadly sized range of wall-mounted saddles to sleek architectural designs to unique Wagner Slip-Fit™ Brackets to Quick Rail / Speed-Rail system fittings. Made from highly durable metal alloys, every bracket is designed to solidly secure your handrails to walls or any structurally sound surfaces. Combine modern looks, lasting finishes, and lifelong stability to your handrails with class and versatility when you choose to go with our brackets.


  • Wide range of handrail brackets that can be used for different types of top rails and grab bars.
  • Brackets are designed to handle high load force which ensures a robust, durable installation.
  • Quick Rail and Speed-Rail system bracket fittings for highly unique structural configurations.
  • Heavy-duty high-grade metal alloy construction with excellent corrosion-resistant finishes.
  • Some inimitable styles in here are going out of production, grab the last few remaining items!