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tee pipe fitting

Tee Fitting, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Tee

Clamp-on Tee
Starting From: $31.53
Single Socket Tee
Starting From: $11.49
Three Socket Tee
Starting From: $20.92
Three Socket Angle Tee
Starting From: $38.72
Angle Tee
Starting From: $21.74
PGR Three Socket Tee
Starting From: $79.02
Starting From: $61.26
Swivel Tee
Starting From: $24.17
Adjustable Side Outlet Tee
Starting From: $31.66
90 Degree Side Outlet Tee
Starting From: $17.43
Split Single Socket Tee
Starting From: $38.40
Bolt-On Tee
Starting From: $30.72
Side Outlet Tee-E
Starting From: $13.91
Adj. Elbow or Tee Assembly
Starting From: $22.27
Adj. Elbow or Tee Male Body
Starting From: $10.74
Modular Adj. Tee Assembly
Starting From: $51.56
Nu-Rail Offset Tee
Starting From: $36.07
Starting From: $10.46
Starting From: $13.91
Extended Barrel Tee
Starting From: $20.58
Tee Side Rib
Starting From: $25.59
Starting From: $40.30
Adj. Side Outlet Elbow
Starting From: $49.44
Mend-A-Rail Tee
Starting From: $41.60
Side Outlet Tee
Starting From: $19.03
Modular Tee
Starting From: $27.04
Angle Tee (55º)
Starting From: $18.21
Angle Tee (45º)
Starting From: $23.63
Speed Tee
Starting From: $29.18
Adjustable Speed Tee
Starting From: $32.80
Adj. Tee or Cross
Starting From: $29.68
Adj. Tee or Cross Male
Starting From: $16.36
Sloping Adjustable Tee
Starting From: $48.01
Single Swivel Socket
Starting From: $25.64
Level to Sloping Up Tee
Starting From: $34.83
Level to Sloping Down Tee
Starting From: $38.46

Tee Fitting. Divide your railing into as many parts as your needs demand.

Tees are indispensable to railing structures. And we have you fully covered in this category. Our selection of tees consolidates every possible tee combination beyond the simple fixed 3 socket tees. Solid construction, durable performance, and corrosion resistance mean robust, dependable railing joints for your construction. Add or modify your new or existing structures to whatever extent you need with ease and flexibility.


  • Multi-socket fixed and adjustable modular tee clamp fittings in numerous configurations.
  • Heavy-duty load-bearing construction allows use in hand railings, guardrails or structures.
  • Corrosion-resistant tees designed to allow use in both indoor & outdoor modular projects.
  • Unique slip-on style connection type that needs only a hex key to make a secure connection.
  • Check out split socket tees with a one-of-a-kind "hinge & pin" system for multiple combinations.

When it comes to building a set of railings, you have to find some way of connecting them. One of the easiest ways to do that is with railing tees that will be the bridge between one piece and the next. There are many different types of tee, giving you a whole range of different fittings.

The importance of an aluminum or stainless steel tee

When it comes to any metal that is going to be outdoors, you want to ensure that it is not going to rust. Two metals that are brilliant at achieving that aim are aluminum and steel. Not only are they resistant to rust but they are also highly durable and lightweight too.

This makes aluminum and steel ideal for tee pipe fitting as they tick all the boxes in terms of all the features that you need. With any building project, having the highest quality materials are always going to be a key aspect of their longevity and their strength.

Finding the perfect tee pipe fitting

What makes a great tee is the ability to have that strength and durability but you also want it to be able to give you a solid construction, with a range of tees that are going to be able to fit any type of joint. Without all these aspects, you simply aren’t going to get a reliable railing.

With tee pipe fitting, you want to be able to have the choice of fixed multi-socket tees and adjustable modular tee clamp fittings to be able to overcome any tee fitting challenges that might arise when you are trying to achieve that perfect railing.

You also don’t want your tee fitting to be difficult either and having a connection that you are able to simply slip on and secure with a hex key is the easiest way to have a secure railing that isn’t going to be painstaking to erect.

Overcome challenging projects

The simple three socket tee is the most common type that you are going to see but not every project is going to be that easy. Railings are almost always placed in places of importance and being able to safely have that barrier sometimes requires more creative solutions.

That’s where the vast array of different types of tees can come into play as they will help you overcome difficult terrain and challenging angles. Some tees are genius in their ability to take any challenge and engineer it to your advantage.

This gives you the ability and confidence to erect a safe and stable railing in a variety of different places. A Split-socket tee that has a hinge and pin system allows you a huge level of adjustability and gives you endless possibilities on the type of connection you can have.

The underrated lifesaver

Considering railings are often there to protect us, they are very much an underappreciated part of everyday engineering. With the correct fitted tees, you will be able to ensure that any area is safe and secure with the perfect railing.