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KKA21/A26 Split Two Socket Cross/90 Degree Side Outlet Tee

This fitting performs the same function as either KK21 or KK 26, but because of its unique "Hinge and Pin" system, it can be added to an existing tubular assembly. KKA21/A26 fittings are supplied and priced as a kit including 2 castings and 2 taper pins, which can be assembled in either configuration.
Part Weight A D E
A21/A26-8 2.57 lbs. 8 3.46 in. 2.36 in.

Pipe Size
Unit Measure

Galvanized Steel
1-1/2" IPS
Ships within 24-48 hours
Local pickup available
Split Two Socket Cross/90 Degree Side Outlet Tee Galvanized Steel 1-1/2" IPS (1.94" ID)