2.5" Square Posts - Aluminum

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Glass Clips

Brackets for Glass

1.67" Round Posts - 316 Grade Satin Stainless Steel



A panorama to look at. With panoramas to look through.

Ultramodern design with minimal obstruction to line-of-sight. A solid railing system that creates a spectacle of floating glass panels and stainless-steel lines. Our designs feature stainless steel round posts with saddles that attach to either a steel or wood top rail and glass infills fastened to posts with a choice of glass clamps. With a selection of booth dividers and guard rails in brass and glass. brass clips. This is your chance to create a premium yet affordable glass railings with minimalistic design, maximum quality, and unparalleled views.


  • Modern glass railing system offered in 2 standard stainless post heights – 36" or 42", with clips for 1/2" or 3/8" glass infills with fixed/adjustable handrail saddle for straight & stair sections.
  • Fully fabricated, ready to install with floor/fascia mount & square/round clip profile options.
  • High-strength brushed satin finish 316 stainless-steel components with padded connectors.
  • Polished brass and chrome steel glass grips for all guard rail and booth divider applications.
  • Meets & exceeds building code requirements, and overall great looking and low-maintenance.