Your modern deck awaits its lifelong companions.

Every sturdy stainless-steel post that we can supply for your project is an embodiment of style and function that will last a lifetime. Made from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel, these posts are pre-engineered, ready to be installed on your deck, stairs, balconies, or even your fence. Crafted for bold glass infills, sleek cables or robust crossbars, and designed to be mounted with your choice of stylish handrails. Here’s the fit, form, and finish for that picture-perfect railing system.


  • Coastal grade 316 Stainless Steel for strength and corrosion resistance from any environment.
  • Prefabricated with floor mountings, tailored for cable railings, rod or glass infill, and custom handrail.
  • High-quality alloy designed and pre-engineered to bear loads that exceed code requirements.
  • Cost-effective, with elegant finishes and minimum profile for those unobstructed views.
  • Every post configuration and mounting option with design help provided by experts.

If you want to create a railing that not only serves its primary role but is also is aesthetically pleasing, then using stainless steel posts would be the ideal solution. They can be used for cables, glass or crossbars and all three can be delivered with a high amount of style.

Why steel post and steel fence posts are so popular?

In terms of materials, it’s hard to find anything better than a stainless steel post. That’s because a steel post holds four major advantages that other materials can’t compete with. One of those advantages is the durability, as these stainless steel posts are going to be able to go above and beyond the industry expectations.

Using a steel post gives that durability though without being too heavy, which makes it ideal for areas like decking where an iron-heavy post would place a dangerously high load on it. The lightweight nature of steel has made it such a common feature in so many building projects.

Another reason why steel is such a popular material is that it can have those advantages without it being too expensive. That means you can have a stainless steel fence post without worrying too much about getting them in a sale. The other advantage of a steel post is that it looks great; a stainless steel fence post will give a professional finish and one that will last for years.

Steel fence posts are going to give you many advantages that other materials don’t have. With steel fence posts you don’t have to worry about rot, and maintenance will be minimal. Steel fence posts are a great option for fencing that looks great and will stay looking great for a very long time, as you get that durability you can only have with a fence with steel.

Why stainless steel railing posts are a must-have

Like with many building materials, it’s easy to forget that they often come in different levels of strength and quality. Marine-grade 316 stainless steel is of the highest quality and will ensure that the stainless railing posts stay solid after many years of use and a steel handrail is able to cope with the repeated use.

It’s important that railing is able to cope will all of the extreme environments it can face and that’s another area where stainless steel railing posts excel as they have a high level of corrosion resistance to ensure that their great look is always maintained.

Stainless steel railing posts can also be pre-fabricated with floor mountings to make them ideal for any type of railing and custom steel handrail whether that is cable, rod or glass. A custom railing is going to be able to give you a high-quality and professional finish.

The advantages of steel deck posts

Stainless steel deck posts are a great way to give your decking a sleek and stylish look without ever having to worry about safety. The high-quality steel used in steel deck posts will ensure that your deck railing is going to be able to exceed code requirements and remain stable.

A great advantage of having stainless steel deck posts with your railing is that it allows you to have an elegant finish with the unconstructive views that cable or glass can bring. That sophisticated look is a part of what makes steel deck posts such a popular feature in many homes and stylish buildings.

A stainless post works perfectly for those wanting to create a balustrade railing where you have a row of supports topped by a rail. A balustrade railing is very common and able to give you a high amount of strength and stability, especially with stainless post supports.

The dynamic material

Whether you are looking at building a fence with steel, a balustrade railing or stylish decking, the qualities that stainless steel possesses would make it an ideal choice for those looking for a material that combined durability and style.

Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a sale, steel is also a great option for those looking for an affordable material. There are plenty of sale options out there too that can make your project even more affordable.

You always want to make sure that you are getting the highest quality of material to ensure that your structure is going to last for the longest time and be resilient to the environment that it’s going to find itself in.

Stainless steel posts have been around now for a very long time now and that is because they are unbeaten in the advantages that they are going to bring to any structure. They not only look great but they are going to give you a solid railing for many years to come.