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Adhesive, Polish, Cleaners, and Sealants


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Wedge/Concrete Anchors

Tools and Other



Cut, form, fit, seal and finish. With flawless precision.

The last counter for your architectural cable railing project that has everything you need to get you through your installation. Our long line of high-performing accessories include:

  • Screws, adapters, and spacers for every configuration, along with masonry screws, hanger bolts and concrete anchor bolts that fit every mounting option.
  • Railing tools – pipe/tube cutters, Rivet Nut tools, multipurpose tools for Easy Glass base crimping, glass fitting aids and setting blocks.
  • Services for custom high-quality precision cuts and pipe threading.
  • Weld Metal Contact Cement designed for our flush fittings, complemented by curing speed-up Activator aerosol.
  • Adhesive sealant silicon and glue for the perfect airtight finish.
  • Night accents for your stairways – glow in the dark anti-slip strips and hi-tech Solar Powered LED lights, simple to mount, that superbly accentuate and safeguard stairs in the dark.
  • And to revive the luster and shine of your polished railing surfaces: our super strong anti-tarnish corrosion inhibiting metal polish that keeps your railings looking as new as on day one.