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It’s the rods that underline the stunning perfection of these railings.

The perfect railing system is sometimes the one that uses structural elements and simple, clean design to produce not only modern, visually stunning looks, but to accent the robustness and endurance of the system. In that sense, the crossbar railing system may be the perfect choice for your project. And acquiring it is just a step away – with our top-of-the-line prefabricated crossbar stainless steel railing posts. These modular posts need no welding – just slide the crossbars into the holders and tighten – the simplest installation yet!


  • Modular prefab posts made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel with holders for rod infills.
  • Pre-welded posts include flange, canopy cover, top saddle connector, and crossbar holders.
  • Configuration options for post height, position, mounting condition, and handrail connection.
  • Beautiful polished chrome or brushed satin finishes that are durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • All required components available – crossbar rods with splices, finials & standoff rod holders.