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ᑕ❶ᑐ Booth Dividers: Brass and Stainless Steel

Booth Dividers

Prefabricated Booth Divider Posts - Brass and Stainless Steel

16" High Booth Divider
Starting From: $88.00

Prefabricated Booth Divider Posts - Aluminum

16" High Booth Divider
Starting From: $63.00
24" High Booth Divider
Starting From: $65.00
30" High Booth Divider
Starting From: $67.00

Booth Divider Components

Glass Clip 1/4" Glass
Starting From: $23.98
Flush End Cap
Starting From: $4.20
Half Ball End Cap
Starting From: $6.90
Ball Finial
Starting From: $27.24
Ball Single Outlet
Starting From: $29.70
Cut Wall Flange
Starting From: $13.20
4" Floor Flange 1-1/2" OD
Starting From: $23.90
4" Wall Flange 2" OD
Starting From: $17.40
Cut Wall Flange 2" OD
Starting From: $24.80
5" Floor Flange 2"OD
Starting From: $27.70
Cut Flange Canopy
Starting From: $37.75

Dividing booths. Enhancing looks.

We have a complete selection of components to help you put together breathtaking booth dividers or partitions, whether it’s for a restaurant, office, mid-room, table-top, lobby, booth or parlor setup. Our high-quality fittings in various fine finishes will easily match the ambiance and décor of your establishment. All you need is the glass, and you can easily source glass or fiberglass panels from any local vendor with etched patterns, colors, designs, translucency and now even imprinted with designs or pictures of your choice. The only limit is your imagination.


  • Widest range of classic and stylish glass divider or partition panel railing system components.
  • Choice of an ornate ball or sleek flush posts and fittings & a mix of flange, saddle & finial designs.
  • Heavy-duty glass panel connector clamps and sleek solid glass clips to suit various thicknesses.
  • High-quality solid materials – Brass & stainless steel in a choice of fine polished & satin finishes.
  • Simply pick and choose matching components, order your panels, and installation is a breeze.