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The Perfect Lines to Draw Up Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen RailingsWhen you think about a kitchen remodel, railings might not be at the forefront of your mind. But kitchen rails can improve the workflow and appearance of your kitchen in many ways.

Railings look great as design pieces once installed.

The more you investigate this creative design element, the more you find to spark your interest.

Railings work in both residential and commercial applications, and BuyRailings has a wide range for you to choose from.

Check out our selection on this page for more information.

The Many Benefits of Railings in the Kitchen

Here are some of the most common benefits people get from these versatile design elements:

  • Save cabinet space by using a hanging kitchen organizer
  • Creative design enhancement
  • Add safety and accessibility options
  • Enhance comfort.

Why Shop Kitchen Rail with Us?

At BuyRailings, you can find everything you need for a residential or commercial project, including:

  • All components and hardware to assemble backsplash, gallery, and handrails
  • Space-saving and functional stemware storage racks with hanging slide-in design
  • Sturdy bars for cafeteria trays with a heavy load capacity of 150 lbs. per two brackets
  • Service rails to designate wait stations to servers at your bar top

Along the same lines, you can explore Bar Foot Rail and Service Rail listings for other options you may need in your bar or kitchen.

Kitchen Rail Systems - Popular Uses

Kitchen rail systems are not just useful, they are also an attractive finishing touch to your remodel. When you shop with us, you have a wide variety of options, including brass and stainless steel.

Whichever option you go with, you will be making your home a safer place and adding your personal touches to space you occupy so often during the day.

Note that we are talking about metal bars, not kitchen cabinet light rails. A kitchen cabinet light rail is a wood molding that is attached to the bottom of the cabinet to hide under-cabinet lighting.

Metal railings, on the other hand, can be used for extra storage, safety, securing kitchen items, and much more.

Wall Organization Kitchen Rail System

You can use a backsplash organizer to hang equipment like pots and pans. Using a kitchen wall organizer system can free up plenty of cupboard space for you to use for something else.

You can also choose between different finishes like brass or stainless steel to match the design of your room.

A hanging kitchen organizer rail is one of the most popular ways to use this metal bar design element. With hooks, you can hang anything that has a hole or handles. Utensils like spatulas, whisks, and tongs come to mind.

A kitchen hanging rail system is also extremely easy to set up. Simply screw the posts into your wall studs, install the kitchen rail rack, and hang up some S-hooks.

Kitchen hooks are a simple invention, but they can solve storage problems easily.

Open Shelving Security

Open shelving looks great, but there is always the risk that something could topple down to the floor by accident. You might not want to have full cabinet doors, but there is something else you can use to secure breakable items.

If you have ever been to an art gallery, you might have noticed how there are barriers surrounding precious pieces of art.

Gallery rails get their name from the same type of function. In the kitchen, you can install these at the edges of open shelves to keep your plates or glasses from being knocked down onto the floor.

These also work well for holding liquor bottles secure in a bar. The design looks great, especially with hidden LED lighting under the open shelves. Whether you have a basement bar or own a restaurant bar, gallery rails can be a good option.

Island Countertop Stability

Along with the kitchen wall organization, you can use railings on an island to provide comfort and safety. For example, you can install a grab bar around the edge of the island to give family and friends something to grab onto.

Also, foot rails make a great kitchen add-on when you plan on sitting at your island a lot. If you do not have any, your guests may end up putting their feet on the island baseboard, and that can damage it after some time.

You may want to go with both a kitchen wall rail as well as a grab bar around any islands or peninsulas.

You can choose between an attractive brass kitchen rail or go with something a little more practical: stainless steel.

Kitchen Railings: Accessibility and Safety

A grab bar could be a lifesaver, literally, if you or someone in your family has any balance issues or wants the reassurance of something solid to hold onto when navigating from room to room.

Feeling the urge for a midnight snack? Having a grab bar to hold onto gives you both reassurance and peace of mind. A kitchen wall rail right next to the light switch may be the perfect option.

Advantages of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is always a winning material for most applications, but it is especially useful for a railing that will be handled often.

Stainless steel looks good, is reliable, and of course, it is stain resistant. This makes a kitchen railing system in stainless steel an attractive and hassle-free addition to your home.

Even More Applications

The options are endless, but we will mention a few more here:

  • Stemware racks: You can use thin metal bars under upper cabinets to hang stemware and get glasses out of the way.
  • Kitchen towel rail: We’re in the twenty-first century. You do not have to use cabinet handles or your oven handle to hang towels. Instead, install a smart-looking kitchen towel rail on the side of an island for more hanging space.
  • Commercial uses: Kitchen rails are used for a wide range of commercial applications. From cafeteria tray surfaces to service station barriers, they are versatile.

Kitchen Rails Might Be Just What You Need

Today, rails are used in essential roles in kitchen architecture.

From backsplash kitchen wall organizer systems to grab bars for safety, there is a type for almost any application.

Our extensive range of durable rail accessories has every element you need to build any rail to your requirements. Check out our range today!