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Kitchen Rails

The perfect lines to draw up your dream kitchen.

Rails are finding indispensable roles in kitchen architecture. Backsplash rails to store kitchen equipment. Gallery rails save your storage utensils and cookware from accidentally being toppled. Footrails and service rails around kitchen islands to bring in modern elegance and comfort. Tray slides and stemware racks to offer ingenious storage convenience. Grab rails and bar service rails to facilitate staff in commercial kitchens. And our extensive range of kitchen rail accessories has every durable element you need to build any of these to your requirements. Check out our range!


  • All railing components and hardware to assemble backsplash rails, gallery rails and handrails.
  • Space-saving "Slider design” stylish and functional wine glass & stemware storage racks.
  • Tray slide brackets and radius ends with a heavy load capacity of 150 lbs per 2 brackets.
  • Service rails to mount to the face of your counters to designate wait stations to servers.
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