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Let the Ethereal Congruence of Metal and Glass Stems Mesmerize You

To top off all our bar rail offerings, we present the perfect solution to elegantly store and display your exquisite collection of glassware/stemware. Our minimalist, versatile glass stemware rack is available in finishes that will perfectly accent your décor, while providing a clutter-free, safe storage, and retrieval solution.

These unique under cabinet stemware racks can hold a variety of wine and cocktail glasses, coupes, champagne flutes, and other stemware.

With all affixing hardware included, installation is easy, whether in a bar, kitchen, dining room, or any space with an overhang. Our option for a wine glasses rack under cabinet adds a touch of refinement that will last for years of use.

Features of our Stemware Holders

  • Elegant and functional wine glass & stemware storage rack in a space-saving, "slider" design
  • For mounting under any shelving unit, buffet, hutch, credenza, or under your kitchen cabinets
  • High-grade metal wire construction in high-quality finishes, including all mounting hardware
  • Accommodates a variety of glasses & stemware, combine multiple racks for additional storage

Simply wipe it from time-to-time with a damp cloth to keep it shining for lasting years of use. Our company allows you to shop in style, making it easy to facilitate stemware storage and home improvement alike.

From a kitchen bar to that of a professional, polished commercial bar – a hanging stemware rack not only makes room for storage, but it also adds an heir of class and design. If you are ready to take your bar to the next level, an under-cabinet glass rack might be just the right option for you.

A stemware hanger is the next undeniable next step in refinement and class, drawing in more customers and clientele who appreciate an upscale vibe.

BuyRailings' Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

The kitchen and bar space can run out quickly, and you are probably aware of this fact. Finding a place for all your kitchen items and keeping them orderly and easily accessible is a challenge all of us face.

This challenge is magnified further in a bar setting. You have highball glasses, pint glasses, shot glasses, and everything in between. Your wine glasses are some of the more elegant looking glassware, which is why a stemware holder under the cabinet can be a perfect way to both save space and highlight the stylish curves of your wine glasses.

From a brass stemware rack to one crafted from wood, allow us to help you shop by style, finding the perfect pairing for your commercial or at-home use.

If you have a bar, or simply need extra storage space, an under-cabinet stemware rack is a must have accessory. Your wine glasses are a statement piece. Let them shine and sparkle hanging from a polished chrome stemware rod and add a touch of class to your bar. If you want to stay as minimalist as possible, check out our 12” stemware holder. If you need some extra storage, we also offer an 18” stemware rack.

Ultimately, we have a stemware storage rack to accommodate any style aesthetic.

So, how does this under cabinet wine glass rack work? The stemware holder hooks into the notch under your cabinet and when paired together, the two pieces form an under shelf stemware rack. Once in place, your wine glasses, or any piece of glassware with a stem can easily slide into place.

To figure out which size you need, measure the bottom diameter of your wine glass. If it measures 3 inches, you will be able to fit four wine glasses on a 12” under counter stemware rack, and six wine glasses on a single 18” rack.

Wine Stemware Rack Under Cabinet

The reason to get a stemware rack under your cabinet is to both save space, and to show off your glassware. For a limited time, we can provide you with a polished brass stemware rack in a clear coat. Limited quantities are remaining for this brass stemware holder.

Additionally, we have a stemware rack for your wine glasses and other glassware available in satin nickel. As is the case for both items, the satin nickel finish comes pre-assembled.

The pre-assembled under cabinet stemware rack option is perfect if you do not want to worry about putting anything together or deciphering instructions. These items are easy to put together though, so whether it comes pre-assembled or not will not affect your overall satisfaction.

Ultimately, our hanging stemware rack makes all the difference in terms of convenience.

The bottom line with our wine glass holders that they are the perfect item for the minimalist kitchen or bar that is dripping with sophistication. Even if sophistication is not your thing or your bar is more of a dive, you cannot deny the space-saving quality of an under-cabinet wine glass holder. Space is always tight, and easily accessing your items quickly can be the difference between a big tip or getting stiffed by your customers.

Do not leave your tip, or the satisfaction of your customers to chance. Invest in a low-cost under cabinet stemware rack enjoy the extra space and a tidier kitchen.