OSHA-Compliant Roof Fall Protection: One choice. No chances

Roof fall protection systems effectively safeguard your employees and abolish the danger of potential falls with our free-standing OSHA roof fall protection.

When it comes to occupational safety and health, a fall hazard is the last thing you need.

Our unique, non-penetrating personal fall arrest system design uses 108-pound cast iron bases installed in a run with 90-degree returns on each end. The combined mass and the geometry of our portable fall protection systems create roof edge protection that’s better than intermediate-counterweight handrail systems, which can create potential tripping hazards.

As a proud North American manufacturer, BuyRailings provides portable, easy to install roof guardrails that meet OSHA regulations. Better yet, our roof fall protection systems can even be a permanent solution.

Fall Protection Railing

When it comes to providing protection on the roof, the best way to start is by removing any known hazards through the use of a temporary handrail.

When used correctly, BuyRailings’ roof guardrails effectively remove these risks, promoting a safe and secure rooftop area. When it comes down to it, having the proper fall protection railing can save lives.

With so many industries involving the need for rooftop access, fall protection railing is imperative for protecting those that provide roof-related services. From snow removal to construction, roof guardrails are the difference between a successful job and a tragic one.

Let us look at the statistics surrounding rooftop accidents and the need for roof fall protection systems.

  • One-third of all fatalities in the roofing industry are the result of falls. From residential construction to commercial construction — fall hazards are everywhere.
  • Within the construction industry, one-third of falls are made up of falls from roofs.
  • In 2014 alone, there were 647 fatal falls from rooftops. Of those 647 incidents, 340 involved falls from 20-feet or less.
  • Nearly 40% of fatalities in the construction industry are fall-related, increasing the need for effective safety solutions.

Temporary Construction Guardrails

As you can see, temporary roof fall protection systems are crucial in the department of labor, most notably those who install our roofs, relieve roofs of snow, perform roof maintenance, and construct buildings as a whole.

That is why we provide temporary construction guardrails. Whether you need temporary guardrail systems for roofs or portable railing for stairs, BuyRailings has your needs covered. While the previous statistics are unnerving, those only account for actual fatalities, leaving out other fall-related injuries that were non-fatal.

Opting to facilitate portable fall protection is the responsibility of the building owner and should be the norm when employing the services of rooftop workers.


  • A non-penetrating conventional fall protection system that meets and exceeds OSHA fall protection regulations.
  • It takes just two workers to install over 175 feet of guardrail on rooftops in about an hour.
  • Suited to use on various surfaces including concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane, wood, and felt.
  • Pre-galvanized and yellow powder coat for high visibility and long-lasting protection.
  • Optional toe board brackets and transporter dolly for bases. All components made in the USA.

Portable Fall Protection

Having adequate fall protection railing to protect from a fall is non-negotiable. However, it is understandable that you also do not want to spend a fortune on powder-coated equipment.

If you can find a well-made, reliable product like BuyRailings’ temporary guardrail equipment, that is all you need to get your job done without hazard. There is no need for fancy labels or brand names. Convenience is the next biggest factor after cost and function, and that is where our portable fall protection comes into play.

Roof fall protection is one area we specialize in. Our made in America roof fall protection is not only for professionals who rely on their safety daily but also for the everyman doing projects on the weekends.

If you fall into either category, you should investigate a roof fall protection kit before accidents occur.

Fall Protection Equipment at BuyRailings

Nothing is more important than safety on a job site, which is achieved through the facilitation of roof guardrails. After all, it is your job to maintain the safety of your workers, and yourself, day in and day out. To do this, you need to have the right roof fall protection systems in place to ensure that your risk is always minimized.

Our roof safety rail system is non-penetrating, meaning each part fits safely into the next. We accomplish this by using a toe board for the portable guard railings.

The toe board is circular on the bottom, with raised spokes leading to insert holes for the roof guardrails to be fitted into. Our toe boards allow you to add or subtract roof safety rails on four different corners. This lets you create your own portable fall protection system, fitting it wherever you need to.

The entire roof railing assembly is made from galvanized steel. The advantage of hot-dipped galvanized steel is increased corrosion resistance. This will keep the temporary roof fall protection systems not only looking good but rust free to provide an additional safety measure.

Our toe boards start at two feet wide and go up in one-foot increments up to 10-feet. In all, we offer two colors - powdered yellow and grey steel.

At BuyRailings, we also offer other essentials such as transporter dollies and pins for the portable guard railings. When you are dealing with a 108-pound cast iron base, you are going to want the dolly. And we know that those pins seem to go missing from time to time, so stock up on extras while you are at it. All parts of our temporary guardrail are OSHA compliant and are made in the USA.

When it comes to fall protection equipment, all that you require is something that works and is convenient to set up. The portable fall protection you will find here accomplishes both goals.

Better yet, BuyRailings provides horizontal lifelines at an economical price point. If there is an item you need, or if you are not satisfied with our roof guardrails, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service. We pride ourselves in serving our customers and helping you to accomplish your goals, providing only the best roof railing.