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The allure of classic design that smoothly continues to endure.

The unending charm of classic railing design and its functionality make ball post railings the persistent choice for any traditional establishment. Our ball fittings extend this reliance through high-quality materials and fine finishes that result in a luxurious and extremely reliant fit on every installation. The best choice for re-creating time-honored architectural characters in bars, hotels, theaters, or any traditional setting.


  • Classic, lush appearance lends an inevitable feel of architectural heritage on every installation.
  • Railing tube ends are hidden inside the fitting, eliminating the need for exact tubing measurements and cuts.
  • Various outlet angle fittings can be used to configure any setting with vertical posts & tubing.
  • High-strength materials and quality finishes– polished brass, polished or satin stainless steel.
  • Fittings supplied with self-drilling, self-tapping hardware for a complete fixture.

Railings are important for a wide variety of different reasons. Sometimes they are strictly for safety but other times you also want your railing fit into its surroundings. A railing ball allows you to have that high-quality railing while being able to keep it looking elegant and classy.

Ball fittings

There are many types of railing out there, and while the likes of cable railing can be great, there is a certain historic elegance that comes to mind when you have ball fittings. It’s a simple but stylish way of connecting the railing tube ends to leave a sophisticated finish.

The installation of ball fittings can also be very easy because exact measurements and cuts aren’t required, as the railing ball is going to be able to hide any defects. Usually, high style takes time and patience but with ball fittings, you can have a lush finish in no time at all.

Brass ball fittings

Brass ball fittings are a symbol of opulence. You will see this type of railing ball in luxury hotels, fancy bars, and historic theaters. The reason for that is because a brass railing ball is one of those features that immediately gives you a sense of grandeur and wealth.

They are also highly versatile as you will be able to have many different angles of connections. This will still give you a quality finish and allow you to have the railings that you want with a range of great brass ball fittings.

Stainless steel ball fittings

If your space isn’t quite suited to a brass railing ball then there is always the option of having a stainless steel handrail ball instead. Having a stainless steel handrail ball can still give your space a stylish touch but with a more modern design.

Polished or satin stainless are both available depending on which type is going to be the best fit for you. As with the brass fittings, these railings are made from high-quality materials that are going to stand the test of time and with a high-quality finish that is going to last.

Add style and elegance

Whether you opt for a stainless steel or brass railing ball, ball fittings with the related railing tubes are one of the best ways of adding an elegant railing to your space. It’s not just style that you are getting but also ease of installation with self-drilling and self-tapping hardware. All that adds up to a beautiful railing with an elegant finish.