Purchase $1,000 of Aluminum or Galvanized Steel commercial fittings and receive a 25% discount on Aluminum and Galvanized Steel pipes. Discount will be applied during checkout.



We’ll provide the fittings. You provide the color.

These high strength railing brackets and fittings feature classic designs that work for both interior and exterior use. Once they are paired with a comfortable handrail, you are good to go. You can now accent and your handrail installation with your choice of color, and the brushed and mill finishes will consistently retain the paint for a long time. No need to limit your railing choices to metallic finishes anymore!


  • High strength brackets to secure the handrail to wall, stud or other structurally sound surfaces.
  • One-piece cast design. Single, twin and triple screw designs for quick and easy installation.
  • Innovative flanges, cover plates and heavy flush base flanges that are elegant and practical.
  • Mill-finished or satin-finished surfaces offer easy surfaces for painting with a uniform texture.
  • Great for exterior & interior stair railings, can mount on wood, vinyl, brick, stucco or concrete.