Create exquisite industrial spaces with industrial-strength railings.

These railings give any room an industrial flair or provide for a functional role in an industrial setting. Outfit your next project with high-quality industrial railings, whether it is to achieve a modern look using clean, industrial, sleek, minimalistic styling or for the practicality of sturdy design that outlasts the wear and tear of everyday use. The products here offer a durable, high-quality and affordable choice to suit your project’s requirements.


  • Durable, low maintenance and affordable solutions that are both, functional and appealing.
  • Interna-Rail designed for easy assembly and superior strength. All-mechanical, no welding.
  • High strength steel or aluminum wall mounting brackets and flanges in chrome/satin finishes.
  • Tailored to your project– choice + range of fittings & components for any railing configuration.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (A.D.A. Handrails).