industrial stair railing

Stair Handrail & Steel Stair Railing

All types of buildings have stairs and to go with them, you need a sturdy handrail or railing in order to keep people safe and give them support. There are railings that will simply do their job and others which can enhance the look of any staircase. It’s important to get the right type to fit your situation, whether or not you need domestic or industrial railings.

Domestic stair railing

The architectural railings on your home stairway are underrated when it comes to aesthetics. They can play a big role in creating a stylish look and thankfully there are many designs available. Being able to match your staircase to the rest of the room can transform a space.

Being able to match your railing with the color and style of its surroundings is going to be able to give that room a great look. You’re not going to be short of options for a sleek design solution, which will also give you the safety and security that you need.

There is a dynamic range of styles available that are going to be able to perfectly fit in with the surroundings. This comes in the form of different materials, various types of connectors, and different finishes to give a bespoke end product.

Create exquisite industrial spaces with industrial-strength railings.

Your stairways do deserve spectacular railings to accent your beautiful home. We offer you a collection to match individual styles and colors– from simple to lavish, traditional to trendy, free-standing to wall-mounted, handrails to guardrails. Strong, durable railings for your stairs, balconies, porch, patio, deck, walkways, and fences, be it indoors or outdoors– These sturdy, dependable installations will hold up and look good for years to come.


  • Variety of styles in railing systems, and handrails– free-standing, wall-mounted, and short posts.
  • Simply pick the all-mechanical, no welding Interna-Rail for quick assembly + superb strength.
  • Choice of high-strength materials– aluminum, steel, brass, and PVC in polished/satin finishes.
  • Stainless-steel posts tailored for cable, rod, glass infill, custom fit with the handrail of any material.
  • Galvanized Cable Railings make for an economical, safe, durable, and yet modern installation.

Types of stair railing

One of the first points to consider is whether or not you’ll need a stair handrail or durable railings. This will depend on the demands on the space that you have and also who will be using. For people with reduced mobility, extra railings in the form of a stair handrail can be required.

It’s, of course, not just stairs that need high-quality railings. It could also be required for any balconies, decks or walkways, or any other situation where there is a significant drop in height. Just because they have a great level of strength and durability, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Is an aluminum stair railing the best option?

Aluminum is a popular material for many industries and it’s always for the same reasons. It’s affordable and lightweight but still has an immense amount of strength. It is also resistant to rust and requires very little maintenance.

An aluminum stair railing makes for brilliant industrial and outdoor railings but you might want something a little different if you need domestic railings. A steel stair railing can also be used as well as brass and PVC in either polished or satin finishes, depending on your needs.

There are plenty of different designs too. If you have durable railing posts then you can decide to have cables, rod, or glass infill which can turn a safety feature into a thing of beauty. The likes of galvanized steel stair railing with cables will have immense durability but still look modern.

Industrial stair railing

Just because stairs are in an industrial space, it doesn’t mean that you should disregard the aesthetics of the space. A high-quality industrial stair railing will be able to give you space an exquisite look whilst still having that industrial-strength railing.

If it’s for a warehouse or other similar structure, then aesthetics aren’t going to be much of a priority at all. In those situations, you will simply want a railing that is going to be able to do its job with a very minimal amount of maintenance.

This is where aluminum or stainless steel comes to the fore as they are going to be able to give that barrier and withstand a lot of sideward force. If you are looking for easy installation, then the no welding Interna-Rail system will give you a quick assembly without sacrificing any strength.

The right stair railing for you

You might care a lot about the styling of a railing or you might not care at all. What all these designs and solutions have in common is that that you’re not going to have to worry about their strength. They can all withstand a huge amount of force and will last for many years.

If you do care about the style, then there are plenty of options here that are going to be perfect for your needs. Whatever solution you choose, you know that you’re going to get exceptional build quality and a high-quality railing system.