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Free standing hand rails are vital for many people to be able to move around. Due to their secure base, they are able to be placed anywhere with a solid surface. This could be if you have a free standing staircase or free standing steps, as well as other important places.

Free standing handrails for steps

The most common place where you see them is when you need free standing handrails for steps. Many people can’t get up steps without using their hands for leverage and assistance. There is also the simple aspect of safety too and a barrier can prevent people from falling.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be an expensive installation. Whether you need it for your home or business, all the fittings and accessories can be easily supplied. Once they are, installation is very quick, with most people being able to complete it themselves.

Free standing hand rails can come in a wide range of different designs to allow you to pick one which matches the surroundings. The finishes are also superb and will last for a long time. If you have free standing steps then handrails are a must.

Free standing staircase

Having a free standing staircase can be a stunning feature in the home. Without any handrails, however, it can turn into a hazard. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about ruining the look of the staircase due to the quality of the fittings available.

They look great and are made from the best materials which help to give them a remarkable level of durability. Their fitting is excellent and it will allow them to stay securely in the surface without any movement when pressure is applied.

Free standing handrails can also be made to fit whatever space you have. You would be able to plan your own design and then get precisely what you need to help it come to life. Whether you need a handrail for safety or to help those who struggle to climb, you’ll be able to get the perfect solution.

It’s not just steps and stairs where a free standing hand rail can be a great option. They can also be used to hold the likes of toilet paper, towels or clothes. Whatever your needs are, you’re going to be able to get something which is ideal for your needs. They are high-quality, easy to install and will give you the support you're looking for.

Installing a free-standing railing on steps or around your home or business need not be complicated nor expensive. We have all the fittings and accessories that make any free-standing handrail installation a quick and simple DIY affair. These come in a variety of exquisite designs and superb finishes. Engineered to help you create ornate handrails that stay steadfast and provide useful support and safety to your cherished ones for years to come.


  • All the components & fittings required to create sturdy, great looking free-standing handrails.
  • Made from premium materials that are built to fit securely to the floor surface and stay sturdy.
  • Easy, quick, customizable – plan your design, choose components, purchase and install DIY.
  • Create something unique, like a free-standing toilet paper holder, towel rail or clothes display.
  • Perfect as support rails for elderly, handicapped and those recovering from injury or surgery.