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ᑕ❶ᑐ Stainless Steel Flanges - Wall, Base & Floor Flange

Stainless Steel Flanges & Other Options

2" Undrilled Flange 1" OD
Starting From: $15.07
Wall Flange for Wood
Starting From: $41.91
Cut Wall Flange
Starting From: $14.52
4" Floor Flange 1-1/2" OD
Starting From: $26.29
4" Wall Flange 2" OD
Starting From: $19.14
Cut Wall Flange 2" OD
Starting From: $27.28
5" Floor Flange 2"OD
Starting From: $30.47
45 Degree Angle Flange
Starting From: $39.22
Flush Mount Tee
Starting From: $48.13
Flush Wall Return
Starting From: $69.29
Adjustable Angle Flange
Starting From: $50.60
Adjustable Wall Flange
Starting From: $54.21
Bottom Angled Flange
Starting From: $127.20
Welding Floor Flange
Starting From: $29.04
Flange For Square Tubing
Starting From: $23.60
Square Line Wall Flange
Starting From: $40.66
Wall Flange for Cap Rail
Starting From: $49.48
Floor Socket With Cap 2" OD
Starting From: $68.86
Flange Canopy
Starting From: $18.00
Domed Cover Flange
Starting From: $28.15
Two Part Flange Canopy
Starting From: $42.35
Sloped Flange Cover
Starting From: $20.71
Cut Flange Canopy
Starting From: $41.53

Floor Flange, the foundation to a great railing begins here

Mounting any great railing system begins selecting the right flange for the application. And we have a select choice of matching flanges for all our railing systems. Designed for robustness, value, and ease of installation, these flanges will serve not just to mount railing posts on floors, but also for terminating handrail sections onto flat wall surfaces. Available in both mirror and satin-finished corrosion-resistant materials that will reliably keep your railing standing sturdy for a lifetime of use.

Base Flange Features

  • Flange fittings designed to mount railing posts (eg: stainless steel posts) & handrails securely to any structural surface.
  • Choice of angle, adjustable, socket, square, cut & cubicle mounting for special railing projects.
  • A choice of simple and ornate designs with concealing covers in a variety of shapes, sizes & finishes.
  • Most flanges can be mounted with anchor bolts, screws, or glued to eliminate welding joints.
  • Available matching hardware – anchor bolts, screws & weld-adhesive for excellent fit & finish

While every railing project is unique, they all have one important factor in common: the need for mounting hardware and fittings that are guaranteed to deliver outstanding form, function, and flair.

Choosing our quality stainless steel flanges ensures your railing system will live up to your expectations from day one - whether you’re installing base flanges on a floor, ramp, or stairway, or wall flanges to support that practical, yet elegant handrail. After all, when it comes to performance and style, the simplest of details make the biggest of differences!

Opting for great value and quality doesn’t mean your railing project has to be limited by existing architectural finishes, however. At BuyRailings, we offer a full range of flange products in a variety of attractive and hard-wearing materials, including aluminum, iron, and brass. Special projects are no problem when you work with our dedicated railing experts – we’re always happy to offer advice.

Want the modern look and appeal of a well-engineered square flange? We can help you with that. Need a space-saving solution for your new handrail system? We have cut wall flanges specifically designed to help with that, too.

In fact, many of our stainless steel flanges are purposely angled, adjustable, or geometrically shaped to give you the widest possible selection of rail mounting options. And whether you choose to go with square flanges or round, we can provide the matching base covers and canopies you need to achieve a polished, ergonomic finish for your new railing system.

Nothing brings out the beauty of a floor or wall-based railing better than a smart-looking steel, brass, or aluminum flange. Start with the right handrail or base flange products from BuyRailings, and you’ll end up with the perfect glass or architectural railing system – one that’s meant to last for a lifetime.