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Wall Mounted Handrails for Stairs, Brackets for Home

Wall-Mounted HandrailA wall-mounted handrail bracket attaches the handrail to the wall and keeps it secure.

While it may seem that the bracket is all about function and less about form, there is still an element of style to consider when purchasing a wall mounted handrail bracket. For a wall-mounted modern stair handrail, look no further than

When you place your hand on a wall handrail, you instinctively look to the rail and notice the hardware holding it together.

This presents a great opportunity to showcase style when it comes to your wall-mounted stair handrail. Whether it is wall mounted wood handrails or a wall-mounted metal handrail, you’ll find stylish sets of both with kits that make it simple to install the handrails.

At, we carry brackets in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and materials as well. We offer 316-grade satin stainless steel, 304-grade satin stainless steel, as well as polished stainless steel in both 316 and 304 grades. For our brass varieties, you can choose between polished and clear coat brass.

Our tubing sizes range from one inch in outside diameter, to two inches in outside diameter, with many options in between. Products include options such as glass mounted brackets, undrilled brackets, low or tall saddle posts, and deluxe handrail brackets, just to name a few.

Wall Mounted Handrail Bracket

Whether you have an inside job that requires an interior wall mounted handrails, or need an exterior wall mounted handrail, we have all the items necessary to get the job done right.

If you need to extend your railings, we have got you covered there as well with splice connectors to keep the railings running. Try out our high-strength Lido weld adhesive to seamlessly tie your railing project together for a flush finish.

Our components will not only get the job done right with high-quality materials, but our products will also stand up to the test of time and look good doing it.

To find a wall-mounted handrail bracket that fits your needs, head over to our filter on the left side of the page and chose your material finish as well as your outside dimension and you can see what we have available. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please take a moment to reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you.

Great railings provide sturdy support and style

Our heavy-duty wall mounted handrail components, flanges and fittings are perfect for assembling both indoor or outdoor handrails when additional support is needed for heading up a flight of stairs, or just where an extra grip is needed to prevent falls.

Made from high-quality alloys and stylish finishes, these handrails are ready for years of use. The open-ended designs integrate with each other to help you build the most customized handrail.

Features of wall mounted stair railings

  • Railings, structural surface mounting brackets, end caps & fittings for wall mounted handrails.
  • It can be mounted at any angle to glass panels, concrete walls, or any secure mounting surface.
  • High quality, durable, aesthetic & affordable components in elegant long-lasting finishes.
  • Splice connectors to extend railing along walls to any continuous length with infinite looks.
  • Attach railings to fittings with our high strength Lido Weld adhesive for a seamless flush fit.

Wall Mounted Stair Railing

A wall-mounted stair railing can be more than just a necessary safety and convenience item, it can also be a statement of fashion. Perhaps you have a white room and want to make a modern statement with a black railing. Or you want to keep the classy look of white throughout a room. Metal material offers a different stylish look.

Directions for interior wall mounted stair handrails: Stair handrails should be installed at a 45-degree angle. To determine, draw a vertical line using a level. Next, adjust the level to 45-degrees and draw a chalk line intersecting the vertical line. Rail brackets will go on the top and bottom of the line. Put them in place and mark where the screw holes will go. When you are finished, consider installing stair treads as well. Stair treads ensure that you are taking every last safety precaution for your staircase.

Wall Mounted Rail

A wall-mounted rail is a necessity if you live with older grandparents or plan to have them over at your house. A nice gift for your grandparents may be a brand-new wall mounted stair railing in their house, either going down to the basement or for coming up and down the stairs. A wall-mounted handrail for stairs needs to be fully secured to the wall with a bracket, so check in your own house and especially in the house of anyone else you care about to make sure there is no wobbling in the bracket.

If you notice that a wall mounted handrail for stairs may not be properly secured, search BuyRailings for kits that have all of the items you need to either fix the broken railing or install a new one in its place. A wall-mounted handrail kit is all you need and we have a wide variety.

Installation is not as technical as it may appear on the surface. Upon arrival at your doorstep, our rail kit is outfitted with every essential item for wall rail installation. Ensure that all code requirements have been met, if necessary, before you begin construction on your stair railing, as unpermitted work may require you to start over. Whether your project is for an indoor or outdoor wall mounted handrail, has you covered from start to finish.