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Pedestrian Guardrail

PGR Three Socket Tee
Starting From: $73.77
PGR Two Socket Cross
Starting From: $71.25
PGR Elbow
Starting From: $51.89
Starting From: $57.18
Portable Guard Railing
Starting From: $152.90

Free Standing Edge Protection. Wherever, whenever you need it.

Find every component you need to assemble our modular free-standing pedestrian guardrail solution. This fall protection system is OSHA compliant and minimizes danger while offering maximum flexibility. The unique galvanized steel bases can be comfortably transported using the customized dolly. Pre-assembled uprights, tubes, and fittings can be easily and quickly assembled to provide a solid guardrail solution.


  • A non-penetrating system with minimum components offering OSHA compliant fall protection.
  • It takes just a two-person maintenance crew to install over five hundred feet of rail per hour.
  • Easily connects at varying angles to 108-lb base, modular design can be configured to suit the site.
  • Galvanized steel base pin, internal spigot, and Kee Klamp® fittings make for a solid, sturdy fit.
  • Pre-galvanized steel in the yellow powder coast for long-lasting protection. Proudly made in the USA.