The Advantages of Kee Klamp Railings

Posted On 12th December 2016

If you need a railing system, roof edge barrier or fall prevention system in your commercial or industrial space, Kee Klamp solutions can be an excellent option. First developed in the UK in 1934, Kee Safety is the manufacturer of the Kee Klamp product line. Kee Klamp provides a versatile and flexible solution using highly durable tubular structures. Wondering about the benefits of Kee Klamp railings? Let’s take a look.


Kee Klamp railings are known for their strength. They are certified for their strength, manufacturing quality and consistency by TÜV, an independent testing house. They meet specified loadings up to 1,106 pound-feet (1,500 Newton meters) and can support axial loads of up to 2,000 pounds (900 kilograms). This means that they can be used to create safety railings, hand railings, barriers, and guardrails in a variety of different settings.


Kee Klamp components are very strong as they don’t have any sharp corners or edges, making them a very efficient structural components that hold up well over time. In addition, Kee Klamp railings are made from galvanized cast iron, which make them incredibly strong and super durable. They are resistant to corrosion and incredibly long lasting.


The great thing about the Kee Klamp system is that it firmly connects standard sizes of structural steel tube from 11/16 inches (17.5 millimeters) to 2 3/8 inches (60.3 millimeters) in pretty much any configuration imaginable, offering you a number of options and ensuring the system can be completely customized to meet your needs and preferences. There are 80 different types of Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Today, Kee Klamp boasts the broadest scope of fittings offered on the market.

Furthermore, Kee Klamp rails are available in a number of different finishes, including black powder coating, yellow powder coating, and stainless steel. There are a number of different aesthetic options to suit your individual needs.

Easy Installation

Kee Klamp fittings can be installed without welding, threading or bolting. This means that the fittings can be installed without any special tools and without a hot work permit, which saves both time and money.

Kee Klamp offers products that are as strong and durable as they are versatile and easy to install. They are used in a variety of different settings, from handrails on hiking trails to guardrails in factories. If you need a railing system, Kee Klamp could prove to be the perfect option to meet your needs.