Lies low, blends into your space. Still, you can’t help but notice their beauty.

Our low line flush railings may be short, but as good as any in our long line of railing offerings. These railings could help create shopping trolley bays in supermarket aisles. Or help keep people at bay from displays in shops or museums. They can hold in the plant pots sitting on a partition or balcony wall. Or simply make for a low line railing or divider. Whatever the application, installation is easy, looks are fabulous, durability is top-notch and the impression it will leave in your spaces is lasting.


  • Short-height factory welded architectural flush post counterparts for a sleek low line railing.
  • Strength, durability & ease of fixture in the same quality and strength as the long-form posts.
  • High-quality materials with fine finishes– polished brass and polished or satin stainless steel.
  • Available in 6" & 12" heights and a variety of diameter size and post location configurations.
  • Permanent solid joints with our high strength Lido Weld adhesive cement and long 1” sleeve.