Smooth sleek flowing symmetry that stays sturdy while blending in.

Flush fittings offer a modern, streamlined feel that can enhance any railing project. The seamless, weld-free design in solid brass, polished chrome, and lido-luster finishes blends perfectly with metal tubing to create an endless free-flowing sleek look. Great for a divider, support or barrier railing, ballet rails, and many other metal railing applications.


  • Prefabricated posts (like stainless steel cable railing posts) with every range of configuration make for quick and easy installation.
  • Great finishes– solid brass, polished chrome & Lido-tone; for a sleek, modern blended-in look.
  • Achieve a drag-free streamlined finish with matching brass & stainless steel tubing.
  • Factory welded high-strength posts, great for modern spaces like malls, hospitals, cinemas.
  • Available with a variety of mounting solutions that best suit your project.