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Get a steady grip, perfect your poise and let new art take flight.

Our sturdy ballet bars are ideal for stretching and balance drills. Constructed from hand-sanded solid red, light oak wood rail or mirror-polished brass and stainless steel, this adjustable, wall-mounted ballet bar is strong enough to handle every kind of use- from ballet to dance to fitness workouts. Flush fittings, crafted finials, and tall posts are all you need to design your own ballet bar, that will perfectly match your hall décor and adorn it for many artful years.


  • Ballet bar systems including all components & hardware needed for customized installation.
  • Full round solid red oak without finger joints or glued halves, free of knots and ready for stain.
  • Optionally, use our robust brass or stainless tubing– in mirror-polished & satin quality finishes.
  • High-grade solid metal components in high-quality finishes, including all mounting hardware.
  • Contact us if you need any custom length or configuration, our experts can create it for you.

Why Order a Wall Mounted Ballet Barre?

Whether you have little girls who love dance, are a dancer yourself, or are an exercise enthusiast, purchasing a ballet barre is a great choice to enhance your home gym. Ballet barres are used in dance for practicing a variety of stretches and positions, as well as in exercise programs to help improve posture and flexibility.

Before you make this important purchase, you need to know exactly what you want. There are lots of choices for ballet barres, from wall mounted ballet barres to free-standing ones, all at different prices, too. You’ll also want to be sure you’re using the right ballet barre brackets to provide your barre with the strength and endurance for continuous use.

Finding the Best Ballet Barre Brackets For Sale

Are you looking to order ballet barre brackets online? BuyRailings offers both brass and stainless steel wall mount brackets, which provide a strong anchor point for your bar. In addition, you can buy either flush or rounded end caps for your barre at All our products are the highest quality and come at affordable prices to fit your budget.

Also Perfect for Professional Ballet Barre Needs

If you own a dance or fitness studio, having ballet barres can add to the value of your business, and the types of classes you can offer. Whether you need a single or double bar, want to mount on a wall or directly on the dance floor, we’ve got the perfect professional ballet barre for your studio! We can also help if your barre needs an equipment update, with strong brackets that provide a modern look, without interrupting the line of your barre.

Things to Consider When Buying a Ballet Barre for Home

To find the best barre for you, you’ll want to take a few key points into consideration. First, you need to know the type of barre you want, and how you’re going to mount it. Remember, not every home is built for a wall mounted ballet barre, and girls who are still growing might benefit more from a height-adjustable, free-standing ballet barre. You should also determine your budget, so you can find barres at prices that work for you. Make sure to look at the whole package before you purchase, including the barre, brackets and other installation equipment!

Types of Ballet Barres

Ballet Barres are usually made of either wood or metal. BuyRailings offers metal barres made with either brass or stainless steel, or solid round oak. Wood railings are a standard choice, due to their combination of durability and natural flexibility; the natural porousness of the wood also absorbs sweat, so the barre doesn’t become slick during an intense workout. However, if you’re looking for a more contemporary style, metal barres are a great alternative!

Once you’ve chosen the material of your ballet barre for home, you should consider the layout and capabilities of your exercise room or dance studio to decide what kind of mount fits your needs. The main options for mounted ballet barres are:

  • Wall Mounted Ballet Barres: The most popular option for ballet bars, these are mounted directly on your wall at the proper height for frequent use. These permanent ballet barres are strong and sturdy, and perfect for serious dancers and athletes.
  • Floor Mounted Ballet Barres: If mounting your ballet barre on the wall isn’t possible, a floor-mounted ballet barre provides another option.
  • Free-Standing Ballet Barres: Also known as portable ballet barres, these bars are perfect for homes that don’t need a barre every day, or homes where mounting on the wall or floor isn’t an option. They are usually lightweight, sometimes height-adjustable, and can be moved anywhere in the room for your practice.

Ballet Rail Brackets & Other Equipment

Buying a ballet barre means more than just purchasing the barre itself. You need to buy the best ballet rail brackets to keep your bar standing strong for years to come. At BuyRailings, we have a wide selection of ballet barre brackets for sale in our online store. Each bracket comes in brass or stainless steel looks, so you can choose the option that fits your decor and style. Remember that you’ll need a bracket every 4 feet for safe construction, so choosing the best brackets for your barre is imperative.