Metal guard rails with double line flush posts are perfect for crowd control, queue barriers, and queue line railings. For serious applications such as these, your guardrail must be strong, secure, and resilient.

Crowd control is meaningless if the crowds can easily knock over your guard rails. Queue management demands reliable and robust barrier posts, and that’s exactly what you will find at

When do you Need a Guardrail?

Metal Guardrail PostsFirst let’s answer the question, what is a guardrail? Guard rails are used for safety purposes and for directing people where they need to go. When you have a large crowd of people, guard rails can separate the crowd from where they are not allowed to go. Or, guard rails can keep the masses moving in an orderly line.

A guard rail is both protective, and functional. But a guard rail is only as good as its construction. The reliability and versatility of your guardrail depend on whether or not it can be freestanding or is cemented into the ground. Generally, you will want a guardrail that can move around to create new barriers when needed, or to create new lines, or section off various unauthorized areas.

All of the guardrails you will find at are of the freestanding variety. The question then becomes how secure is the guardrail? If it’s freestanding, there is the chance that it could be knocked over. But you can rest assured knowing that our guardrails are strong, secure and made from the highest quality galvanized metal.

You can find guardrails here in polished brass, polished stainless steel, or satin stainless steel. Our guardrail dimensions include heights of 36-inches and 42-inches, and tubing of 1.5-inch outside diameter, or 2-inch outside diameter.

Guard rails are necessary for a variety of different circumstances. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requires guardrails for fall protection, and guard rails are required in the IBC, the International Building Code. Construction workers must be protected, and that is why OSHA and the IBC exist. Contractors are required to protect their construction workers, and a double post guard rail is the best way to do that.

A metal guard rail is also essential for crowd control and queue barriers. A cart corral is necessary for collecting a shopping cart in a parking lot. A shopping cart corral gets constantly beat up all day long, and requires resilient railings to stand up to the carts.

Many building codes have access guidelines that will require guard rails, such as when you need handicap railings for ramps. One such case where a guardrail is necessary is for an ADA ramp railing. ADA compliance requires guard rails on both sides of the ramp as long as the rise of the ramp is greater than six inches.

Sleek, Streamlined Crowd Control Stanchions

While, of course, you need railing systems that are strong and secure, it doesn’t hurt if they look good at the same time. The sleekness of our safety barriers comes from our pre-welded flush-fitting posts. And with double line flush posts, you ensure the highest degree of fall protection for adults as well as children. The top and bottom beam guardrail are connected by high strength Lido Weld adhesive cement, and with one-inch long sleeves

Our Metal Guard Rails Features

  • Sleek, factory pre-welded flush-fitting posts for free-standing double line railing installations.
  • A high-quality fabrication that provides strength, durability. Designed for easy, fast installation.
  • High strength materials in fine finishes– polished brass and polished or satin stainless steel.
  • Available in a variety of diameter, height and post configurations. Mounting options are available.
  • High strength Lido Weld adhesive cement & 1" long sleeves will create solid permanent joints.

Beautiful Cart Corrals for your Needs

For high-end grocery stores, having a nice-looking cart coral is one of the finishing touches that make a difference. The cart corral is the last thing customers see when leaving the store. You also need a cart coral that not only looks good, but also can stand up to the wear and tear of environmental factors, and of course, carts constantly hitting the guard rails.

You need a strong metal guardrail to stand up to the constant abuse of a typical cart coral. You can be assured that when you buy a galvanized guard rail from that you are purchasing a high-quality, reliable railing that has been coated with a protective layer of zinc. There is no better place to find a shopping cart return corral.

Dimensions of our Guardrails

We offer three different guardrail dimensions on each of our railing systems:

  • 36-inch railing height, 1-1/2 inch outside diameter tube
  • 36-inch railing height, 2 inches outside diameter tube
  • 40-inch railing height, 2 inches outside diameter tube

Here you’ll find everything you need to construct your guardrail. We have end posts, corner posts, center posts, and tee posts ready to ship in three different sizes and three different materials. Please note though, that flanges are sold separately.

Double the lines. Quadruple the looks and utility of your flush railings

Sleek, streamlined looks, with characteristics that ensure simple assembly and the flexibility to accommodate any project. Perfect for queue lines and cart corrals, guard rails, and low slope access ramp railings. Add ramp handrails for handicap access. Or, around seating areas in your street cafe so that pedestrians don’t bump into your patrons.

These factory welded posts provide for great strength as well as quick easy installation. You don’t have to think twice when a railing offers not just functionality, but also sleek looks that blend into your settings, flush with flowing elegance.

Metal guardrail posts including cart corrals, queue line railings, and crowd control barriers can all be found here at Our products are in stock, easy to assemble, and as always, our guard rails prices come at the most competitive rates. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us either online or by phone. We are happy to assist you in any way. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.