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A lifetime of sturdy, reliable grips - now up for grabs.

The safety and support that comes from something sturdy to lean on, is critical to anyone who has a difficulty coping with balance and mobility – kids, the elderly, people who are disabled, sight-impaired, sick or injured. That’s exactly what grab rails provide – a solid railing to grab and hold on to, and stay steady on their feet. Our ADA approved, code-compliant grab bars are made from premium 304 stainless steel. Available in a broad range of shapes, sizes and applications, with high quality finishes that offer a lifetime of reliable grips.


  • High quality straight, wall-to-floor & swing-up bars designed for ADA and building compliance.
  • Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel sustains up to 300 lbs load, exceeding code requirements.
  • Fine Brushed satin finish with an excellent grip and additional anti-slip coating on some items.
  • Snap-locking concealed flange covers cleanly mask a direct to wall installation with 5 screws.
  • High durability and easy to maintain – Perfect for installation at ambulant toilets, commercial washrooms, shower blocks, hospitals, assisted living and aged care facilities.

There is a point in your life, whether through accident, illness or age where you need to make life a little easier for yourself. For many people, bathing, getting off the toilet or simply getting up can be a struggle. That’s where grab bars can be a huge helping hand to a more independent life.

Grab bars can be used for a wide variety of different reasons to help give you the quality of life that you are looking for. A well-placed grab bar will be able to give you the support that you need without having to move home or relying on someone else to help you.

Bathroom grab bars

There are going to be some situations where you will be required to place grab bars, such a commercial restroom where you will need to cater to disabled people or in assisted living and aged care facilities. In such places, bathroom grab bars are going to be essential.

It’s imperative that the grab bars are also high-quality and are ADA approved, as well as being code compliant. If you require stainless steel grab bars, then using premium 304 stainless steel will ensure you are getting the weight capacity you need.

Toilet grab bars

Toilet grab bars are going to be important for a lot of people, whether that is a personal restroom or commercial grab bars. They don’t have to be an eyesore either, as they best grab bars can be decorative with concealed screws that are hidden by a snap-locking flange.

There are also other decorative options too such as a fine brushed satin finish which not only looks great but it can also give an excellent grip, with some grab bars having an additional anti-slip coating for those that need that extra help.

Stainless steel grab bar

A Stainless steel grab bar is a great option whether you are looking for a wall grab bar, a swing up grab bar or the likes of shower grab bars and shower grab rails. Not only do they have a high weight capacity but they will also look great.

Their corrosion-resistance also makes them ideal to be used as shower bars for the wall and bathroom safety grab bars. The reason for that is the likes of shower bars for the wall and bathroom safety grab bars are going to have a lot of contact with water.

Whether it needs to be a small home solution or a full fitting for a care home, the same principles apply and you don’t want bathroom grab rails that are too intrusive or are going to negatively affect the look of a bathroom and instead want bathroom grab rails that look stylish.

Floor mounted grab bars

While the likes of shower grab bars and a wall grab bar are going to be important, floor mounted grab bars are great for providing a very stable base. The best products are going to be able to deal with a 300 pound capacity, which is above industry standards.

Getting the right grab bars is essential for any home or business. The likes of shower grab rails and a swing up grab bar are able to give people the independence they want. They need to meet certain requirements and getting high-quality grab bars is essential.