Railing Choices That Make Spaces Usable, Safe and Attractive!

Posted On 16th June 2018

Homes need railings! And they need robust, durable and attractive railings that don’t just add a superficial touch. Rather, railings that fit in right and enhance the utility, safety and beauty of the space.

Making an informed choice (for a railing that is perfect for you) usually depends on a number of factors. From material to use and function, there are a handful of considerations to make.

Terraces and Balconies

City dwellers are often cramped for space, living in apartments and condominiums. The less congested sub-urban dwellers too are experiencing a certain restriction in the space they used to otherwise enjoy freely.

Terraces and balconies, if planned and executed intelligently, can offer much-needed respite. And railings can add definition, structure and support for your project.

An enchanting Juliet Balcony, when there is an absolute space-crunch or a lavish terrace atop your building that can be enjoyed by everyone, there is a choice that fits your purpose.

Framed grills and ornate iron-work railings were the traditional candidates in these spaces but have since passed their architectural prime. The highly recommended contemporary designs are Glass balustrades, Stainless Steel Railing Systems with Glass Infill Panels or Cross-bar Infill Railings. Glass can make the area look spacious and modern. And you won’t miss-out on alluring cityscapes through see-through glass infills.

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Gardens and Outdoor Areas

Railings can safeguard and protect outdoor spaces from intrusion, so you are tension-free when your kids and pets decide to go exploring the garden! You can make open spaces more private and create a cozy ambiance. And you can make these areas more accessible and usable with the railings you choose.

Whether it is barbeque night or a sunlit day lovely enough to enjoy outside, railings can transform your space. Creating that feeling of an exclusive garden retreat.

Cable Railings, especially Vertical Cable Railings are a rage to revamp outdoor spaces!

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Swimming Pools and Bath Spaces

Swimming pools and bath spaces need special consideration for protection, especially when kids, pets or the elderly stay home. The railings around bath spaces are highly functional, offering support and grip along slippery turf. Railings may even be mandatory around these areas, given building code and safety regulation.

While railings are highly utilitarian, they can also add a touch of glamour and elegance. Segregating different areas around the pool and still offering a breathtaking view!

Glass Railings and Glass Panels make for scintillating poolside additions. Grab Bars are a much-needed safety feature inside bathrooms, along showers and tubs.

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Alfresco, Deck and Porch Areas

Railings have been used as adornment around decks and alfresco areas since age-old. And they enhance deck spaces to accommodate more people, give the area an uncluttered appeal, as well as be more structured and outlined.

Railings can help you work and live more effectively, without worry of intrusion or breach of privacy. And they allow for connectivity within homes and living spaces. A sort of permeability of ideas.

PVC Railing Systems and Cable Railing Systems with Stainless Steel Posts are ideally suited for these applications. They are highly utilitarian and functional, and they require the least maintenance.

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Indoor Spaces

The indoor spaces too, much like the outdoor spaces, can really benefit from good railings. Whether it is along staircases, or as partitioning between rooms on different levels, railings are an absolute must.

Ornate railings can amplify the theme of your setting. Simple and functional railings are a smart investment that bring complete peace of mind. And DIY, low-maintenance railing systems are a gift that keep on giving!

Consider if you have children, elderly or people with special needs residing who require access to areas around the house. Railings make these movements safe, guided and comfortable.

You can cordon off certain spaces that are risk-prone and avoid painful falls, injuries and accidents. And you can make journeying from one level of your home to another, or from inside to outside seamless.

Stainless Steel Railings bundle utility with crisp modern appeal. Quick Rail Systems are an ultra-modern must-try for their ease of installation and maintenance thereafter. And our alluring architectural Stair Rails are a rich addition to your stately home.

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