Glass deck railing kits for effortless, safe installation of glass railings

Posted On 27th December 2018

When we talk about glass panel designs, one thing sure comes to mind; a dream glass-house on the hills with a breath-taking view. For many, this will remain only but a dream but how about simply spicing up your balcony, staircase, deck or porch with aesthetic glass railings? Well, it might sound simple but even the simplest forms of glass designs are faced with the same constraint of working with glass panels on large projects, which is the inflexibility of most glass systems. Luckily, there are a few creative ways of working your way around this when it comes to installing glass deck railings. One of them is using high quality, extensible glass panel railing kits.

In this post, we will take you through everything you need to know about glass deck railing kits.

How to choose your glass railing kits

Choosing the right glass railing kit makes all the difference. The following are factors that you should consider when choosing your glass deck railing kit:

Adherence to current and future building codes

All glass railing systems are subject to inspection by authorities and if found to be in violation of the set codes, you will have to modify your project as required. Most manufacturers are able to ensure that their glass railing systems are compliant to the current codes. However, you should also enquire about the glass system’s ability to adapt to future codes and standards so that you do not have to incur expensive modifications to your project in the future.

Ease of installation

Pre-made glass railing posts area godsend to glass panel enthusiasts. The railing posts come with predrilled holes and glass mounting clips and all you have to do during installation is to mount the concealed base and slide your panels in!

Choose a manufacturer that offers a variety of glass railing kits

Make sure you select a source that has a wide variety of glass posts and railings in terms of material, design, size, and color. Having variety will make it easier for you to choose the design that best suits the space that you have in mind. An example of such a source is

Modular Railing Kits

Modular railing kits are one of the latest introductions to the railing systems niche. These are framed railing panels that are preassembled by the manufacturer. During installation, you only have to slide the exactingly cut components onto the posts and tighten them using the fasteners that arrive with the railing kit. The presence of the frame, custom fasteners, and other exactingly cut components make the installation of these architectural railing systems easy, safe, and efficient.

Modular railing kits are a replacement of traditional railing kits. Instead of using run down fasteners to hold the infill, modular railing kits hold it using the actual frame. This makes the modular railing kits more stable, flexible, and easy to install for anyone.

Glass Balustrade Kits

These are light glass railing systems that utilize the glass itself as the infill as well as the actual structure of the system. This means that the system needs little or no vertical support other than the glass itself. Glass balustrade kits are based on three principles; a base that can carry the glass panels, strong glass panels that can withstand pressure, and smaller width panels that make the kit flexible enough along the joints(this feature is very useful when you are dealing with tricky corners, especially when working with interior glass stair railing kits).

The Benefits of Glass Railing Kits for Decks

Other than ease of installation, here are the other advantages of using glass railing kits for decks:

Unobstructed views

Out of all railing systems, glass railings provide the clearest, unobstructed views. This works especially for decks overlooking scenic views.

High aesthetic value

Glass railings offer an exceptional result in terms of looks and outshine every other railing system used today by far. In fact, they are considered the elite choice when it comes to the railing with the best aesthetic value.

Versatility in design

With glass railings, you can incorporate several designs of the glass itself and any other material and still have an uncluttered finish.


When compared to other railing systems, glass railing systems are fairly durable. The majority of them are made from thick glass which is unlikely to give in under normal day pressures. If you are looking for a low-maintenance option, glass railing kits are definitely the way to go!