Railing Safety Practices for Pets

Posted On 3rd April 2017

Having high-quality railings on your property is important for safety, especially if your building has more than one story, a high deck, or a balcony. However, since railings are designed for human protection, it doesn’t mean they will work the same for the beloved pets at your home or place of work.

Since pets aren’t aware of dangers in the same way as you and I, there are some extra safety measures you should take into account to make sure best friend doesn’t danger themselves around your railings. Here are some factors to consider, whether you are building new railings or looking to update your current ones.

High-Quality Railings

Start with a railing that is durable and in great condition so it will last you for a long time and stand up to any bumps or scratches—especially if you have pets in the habit of jumping on railings (which we’ll talk more about below). A solid foundation, such as sturdy aluminum or steel posts, will help prevent any unfortunate or unexpected accidents.

If you’re unsure about the best way to install your chosen railings, we have a great Railings 101 Training manual to guide you. We also offer railing kits for easy installation. Another option is hiring a professional to install for you.

Buy Safety Barriers

It’s a good idea to purchase a guardrail, or even a child’s safety net (since pets are often around the same height as a small child), to add near your railing. For a permanent barrier, you can use acrylic sheets or chicken wire and attach it directly to the railing.

Use Small Openings

Purchasing railings with small openings between posts and with little space at the bottom will help prevent cats and small dogs from trying to climb between them. Quality solid glass railings can work well too. Since most cats like to climb up on railing tops, buying thin ones that they can’t grab onto and climb over is also smart.

Supervise and Train

No matter what you do to deter them, pets can still be sneaky and find ways to get around railing barriers. For the ultimate safety measure, always watch them closely when the near deck or balcony railings. You never know when you’re little dog will see something enticing outside and try to leap!