Outdoor metal handrails

Posted On 22th May 2019

You can find outdoor metal handrails and metal handrails for steps for sale at BuyRailings. We also offer metal outdoor handrails for stairs

For many people, handrails are a vital part of everyday life. They help you get up and down staircases and steps to form a vital part of building safety. It’s not just safety they are important for, as they can also improve the aesthetics of a staircase too and enhance the look of any building.

Metal outdoor handrails for stairs

If you’re looking for the ultimate in durability, then you will need metal outdoor handrails for stairs as they are going to be able to cope with all conditions. Corrosion can be a huge issue but the handrails also have to deal with general wear and tear.

Whether you need metal handrails for outdoor steps or stairs, they will not only look great but give you that protection. It isn’t just for steps and stairs where they can be a great feature, handrails can also be used for pathways too or anywhere else where support is required.

The two types of outdoor metal handrails

When it comes to metal handrails, you are either going to be able to attach them straight into the ground or instead they can also be wall-mounted. The best solution is going to depend on your circumstances with both options giving you a solid support system.

Wall mounted rails aren’t usually an option when it comes to metal handrails for outdoor steps as there isn’t a supporting wall for them. Metal handrails for steps need to be able to cope with the pressures that are going to be placed on them if they are free-standing and that’s what our metal handrails can offer.

There may be unique situations where you need both types of handrails in the same setting. If you have a staircase against a wall, for example, then you could have a wall-mounted handrail on one side with the free-standing rail on the other side.

Whatever challenges you have with your space, we will be able to come up with the right solutions for you. You will be left with an area that is not only safe but also one that looks great and you know will last for a large number of years.

The importance of metal handrails for steps

While you will want metal handrails for steps for everyone’s safety, there are also building regulations to think about. In order for your building to comply with the highest standards of safety, metal handrails are a must wherever you have exposed steps.

There are also ramps to think about too. Whether they are for wheelchair users or those who struggle with steps, you need to have that barrier to prevent them from falling. Our metal handrails will protect against that while also being very hard-wearing.

There is also the hidden aspect of it all too. If you have prospective investors, employees, partners, etc. then you always want to give the right impression. Commercial metal handrails show that you can about safety and respect the health of everyone you’re responsible for. That will improve the image of the building and make it more appealing.

Why you need outdoor metal handrails

Wooden handrails can look brilliant in a lot of settings but they can cause a big problem when they are outdoors. Over time their finish can wear off which can eventually lead to splintering. There are plenty of issues with material such as plastic too.

It’s very difficult to make a plastic handrail that would be durable enough to handle the stresses and strains of the forces that a handrail is subject too. Not only that, but they wouldn’t be able to offer much in the way of grip either.

Metal handrails for stairs and steps give you a lot of security without any of those common issues. They are available in a range of styles, lengths, and widths to be able to accommodate any issues that you may end up having.

Choosing quality metal handrails

If you have a bare staircase or a path that needs further protection then you are going to want to install a quality solution. This will help to not only improve the safety of your vulnerable spaces but also improve the look of the building to make all the right impressions.