Wrought Iron Railings: Pros & Cons

Posted On 15th May 2017

Wrought iron fences can be a beautiful addition to your home. Wrought iron railings are an investment, so there are a few things you should know. Luckily, we’re here to break down the pros and cons for you.

CON: Wrought iron is expensive.

It’s true that a wrought iron fence can provide an elegant, rustic look to your home’s exterior, but the harsh reality is that that look comes at a cost. Wrought iron railings certainly aren’t the cheapest out there, largely because of the material involved in manufacturing them and the difficulty of doing so. Therefore, wrought iron railings tend to be much more expensive than wood or vinyl fencing options. And, if your wrought iron railings are custom made, it will only add to the cost.

PRO: Wrought iron is durable.

Wrought iron is incredibly durable, and wrought iron fences tend to last much longer than other types of fences. This is because wrought iron is much stronger than other fencing materials and therefore much more difficult to break. The good news is that because the fence will last longer than other types of fencing, it justifies the upfront cost associated with purchasing wrought iron railings.

PRO: Wrought iron is easy to maintain.

Wrought iron railings are relatively easy to maintain, especially when painted. A fresh coat of paint every spring will keep the wrought iron from corroding, and your fence will last even longer as a result.

CON: Wrought iron will show weather damage over time.

While a bit of easy maintenance here and there can help prevent wrought iron from corroding to some extent, the reality is that there is no foolproof way to completely guard your wrought iron railings from weather damage. If a wrought iron fence is exposed to the elements for long enough, it will begin to corrode.

Unfortunately, wrought iron is especially susceptible to corrosion because of the slag in the metal. Slag is the byproduct produced when an ore is smelted from stone. While this slag gives wrought iron a beautiful look and feel, it causes tiny pits that collect water, which can cause corrosion and rust. This can be mitigated with regular paintings, but some weather damage is ultimately unavoidable.

PRO: Wrought iron can be molded into different shapes and designs.

One of the reasons people choose wrought iron railings is because they can be molded into many different shapes and designs. The alloy in wrought iron is pretty elastic and malleable, which means it can be shaped into different designs and patterns. That’s good news for those on the hunt for a unique wrought iron fence.

In conclusion, while wrought iron railings can be an excellent option for your outdoor fencing needs, there are pros and cons that need to be carefully considered and weighed. But if you’re willing to pay the cost and put in some effort for maintenance, wrought iron railings can be a long-lasting, beautiful fencing option.