Why Choose the Quickrail Railing System

Posted On 27th February 2015

Why Choose the Quickrail Railing System

QuickRail Railing Systems which provide attractive and easy to deploy rail systems for residential properties offer advantages to competitors:

  • Easy Installation
  • No need to paint or touch up
  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Materials comply with both the international residential Code and International Building Code Compliant when properly installed

All of these features of the Quick Rail Railing System can help the look of a residential property and enrich its value. QuickRail utilizes a unique manufacturing process which provides greater strength and is more resilient than standard rigid PVC railing systems…it will not decay, warp, fade, chip, splinter or rust. And simple, step-by-step installation ensures all QuickRail products live up to their name, according to Fypon, the company that owns QuickRail.

QuickRail Railing System comes complete in a kit for easy installation and is available for both straight and stair applications. What’s convenient for installers is that all brackets used with the QuickRail kits are concealed screws – which offer a more professional look and will help customers to deploy the QuickRail products faster.

The QuickRail kits include all the necessary parts such as a Deluxe Top Rail, flat-bottom rail, colonial or square spindles, and other essentials such as bracket covers, screws, and a Crush Block. The kits come in white or tan and are UV protected to prevent fading (as most rail systems do over time). While most of the kits contain all the necessary parts, some of the Quick Rail kits do have additional products for specialized surfacing such a Curved Adapter Kits as well as QuickPost Synthetic Porch Post – which can add to your railing system and augment the look of the property.

QuickRail, will not fade or varnish nor will it need painting as with other products. This is due to its technology and specialized manufacturing of the product, and it will withstand all weather conditions. The Fyponcompany says that a …special ingredient, titanium dioxide, protects QuickRail from UV rays to ensure color retention.QuickRail products should not be painted (and if so, could void the Limited Warranty) so installers want to be aware of that fact.

However, some customers may want to be able to paint their QuickRail products - especially if the colors available do not match that of the property or to the taste of the property owner. Fypon representatives say that they now offer Painted DuraPoly porch posts. In addition, the company notes, to cover existing structural supports, …Post Sleeves are accessories to the QuickRail® product lineup. The Post Sleeve is a one-piece, hollow design that slides over an existing 4x4 or 5x5 support post.

Another benefit of the QuickRail system is that it is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Handrail Requirements, you can also purchase The Grab Rail Hand System to go with the Complete Post Kit and help those that may need some extra support. If you have any questions about what railings are right for your project, call us today.

Overall, the QuickRailRailing System kits are ideal for those who want to improve their properties – as their special manufacturing technologies have produced a product that is multifaceted, easy to deploy, and professional in look and touch. And the best part, not only does QuickRail products look pretty – but those who do not have the time to paint or keep touching up their railing systems will find that this product line offers an excellent alternative to alternatives which tarnish and fade with weather and time.