The Benefits of Aluminum Railings

Posted On 25th July 2016

If you’re considering architectural railings for your home or business then aluminum railings are a great option to consider, and this is why. They are low maintenance, durable, affordable and attractive. Let’s take a comprehensive look at all of the benefits of aluminum railings.

Low Maintenance

Some types of architectural railing systems require a significant amount of maintenance. For example, steel railings need to be painted every few years or so, and wood railings should be stained on an annual basis to keep them in good condition. Powder-coated aluminum railings, however, will maintain their beautiful color as they have a superior, long-lasting finish.

All-Weather Durability

Other types of railing systems are more prone to damage and decay. They may splinter, twist, shrink, or warp. For example, wood railings are very popular but are prone to rot, especially if conditions are moist and humid. Aluminum railings, however, are much more durable. Aluminum is a nonferrous metal, meaning that it won’t corrode or rust. It can easily withstand the elements, including rain, sleet, snow, and sun. Aluminum railing systems hold up very well in extreme temperatures, which make them ideal for climates that experience extremely hot or cold temperatures. Other railing systems aren’t as durable. Another example of this is with vinyl railing systems, as they are also vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. They have a tendency to shrink or expand excessively when temperatures get very hot or cold. Vinyl can also fade or crack in the sunlight. That gives aluminum railing systems a clear advantage.


Aluminum deck railings are much more affordable than wrought iron or steel railings, making them an excellent option if you are on a budget. Because aluminum railings are so durable you will also save on maintenance costs in the long run.

                                 Tee Anodized Aluminum


Did you know that roughly three-quarters of the 1 billion tons of primary aluminum produced since the end of the 19th century are still being used today? That’s because aluminum is relatively easy to recycle. In fact, aluminum recycling comprises roughly 35 percent of global aluminum production. That makes aluminum railings an environmentally friendly option, especially when compared to other metals.


Aluminum railings are durable and affordable, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice aesthetics. Aluminum railings are an attractive option for any outdoor or indoor space, creating a sleek and elegant look. They are also available in a number of different designs and colors, so there is something to meet everyone’s needs and preferences.

Easy to Install

Aluminum railings are much lighter than steel or wood railings, making them much easier to install. Aluminum also offers flexibility during installation. It is easy to use a regular miter saw to cut the railings to ensure that they fit any profile perfectly. Steel or wood railings tend to be much more difficult to cut, and steel requires special grinders and cutting torches to make on-site adjustments. If you want a popular railing system with versatility and ease then aluminum railings are what you need.