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Aluminum – solid, light-weight, stunning, durable. And your next railing.

Aluminum railings are an unbeatable combination of strength, lightweight and durability. Our fully pre-welded aluminum posts are an industry first in railings, where no welding is required! All you need to put the joints together is our high strength Lido adhesive, which delivers a solid, rattle-free railing of superior strength and security. The brushed satin finish ensures a virtually maintenance-free system, ideal for a variety of environments. The ramp railing posts are the quickest and most effective railings you could install on any ramp.


  • Double line pre-fabricated aluminum welded posts in floor-mounted/ramp-mounted options.
  • Light and convenient. Weighs way lesser than stainless-steel or brass railings of the same size.
  • Weather-resistant brushed satin anodized finish giving an aesthetic feel close to that of steel.
  • Needs no welding. Our high-strength Lido-weld cement produces equally strong seamless fit.
  • Try aluminum! You will get durable performance for a lifetime, and 100% recyclable beyond.

Prefabricated railings do not only come in handy; they also add a pop of style and flair to your home or business. Now, you may be asking yourself why someone would ever purchase a prefabricated handrail, and for some the answer is simple. These prefabricated systems deliver both an interesting design aesthetic and a feeling of safety and comfort. Furthermore, prefabricated railings offer support and protection from water, heights and more. Prefab aluminum railings, for example, are often used for outdoor commercial decks, parking garages and the like. They lend themselves as a barrier so people can comfortably enjoy that area. Beyond safety and design, prefab handrails are advantageous in that you are not tasked with building it yourself. Per the term ‘prefabricated’, these railing systems come already constructed and ready for installation. The durability and long-lasting qualities one could hope for are found in these preassembled panels.

Convenience and Security with Prefab Handrails

From those meant for bridges or walkways near water to the ones built for indoor staircases, this is quite a diverse structural feature. As you can plainly see, prefabricated railings serve many different purposes from protection to other safety-related causes. When thinking about prefab handrails many of us immediately think of the outdoors. As it happens, they are not exclusively found outside. Consider all of those handicapped and/or physically challenged people who have homes for example. One popular way they are able to lead capable, productive lives is through home modifications like the installation of a prefabricated handrail or two.

We should also mention that you will undoubtedly find these systems to be durable, convenient, and easy to install. There are many options available when browsing for prefabricated railings, most of which are both sleek and sturdy. Crafted from several different materials and with various functions in mind, you will find the selection to be vast—especially at All you must do is determine your precise need or desire for your prefab handrails, take measurements, and select whichever sleek style you prefer.

Choosing the Prefabricated Railings for You

As we mentioned prior, there are many different designs and functions served by prefab handrails. Whether you are looking to add security to your home or commercial property, or to physically accentuate your business—the sky is truly the limit. With systems constructed from wood, steel, composite, aluminum and more, there is a prefabricated handrail for all outdoor and indoor settings. A large part of the reason prefab aluminum railings are so popular is they are durable and stand up against the elements. So when you find yourself selecting railings for your home or business and you plan on installing it outside, you might consider prefab aluminum railings. These will hold up and remain unharmed in the rain, sleet, snow, and heat alike, and dependability is truly the name of the game.

Running a company and/or working while maintaining a family and/or home is a busy, complicated business. That is why we provide these conveniently preassembled systems, ultimately saving you time and money, as time IS money. Furthermore, you simply cannot beat the simple to follow the installation process – it’s a real win-win. Choose from different materials, colors, baluster styles and more. The next time you find yourself in need of a border type fixture, you should consider looking into prefabricated railings before anything else. At you will discover only the highest quality, more affordable prefab handrails available today. With such a vast selection and budget-friendly pricing, you will be more than glad when you purchase your railings through us. Provide your family or clientele with both security and style with the right prefabricated railings for your building.